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  • Ikea is 'just getting started' in smart home peripheral market

    I've probably got 20 Ikea smart lightbulbs, with motion sensors and dimmer switches. All work perfectly with Homekit. Really pleased with my purchase as they are more than half of the price of Phillips Hue here in the UK.
  • Titanium and ceramic Apple Watch variants spotted in watchOS 6 beta

    Chet-NYC said:
    I have a Series 2 in stainless steel. The main reason for paying more for that model was I saw a video of drop test with a aluminum model and the stainless model. The aluminum one broke apart, the stainless one did not. Also, the display glass on the stainless one is sapphire- much harder scratch. My watch has been in a pool about three times a week since I got it almost three years ago and it has hit the pool wall or a lane baffle several times- and not one scratch or nick to show for it. Upgraded materials do have a purpose. There's a reasonable chance I will upgrade to the Series 5 near the end of this year, and I'll most likely do the same- get a model that isn't aluminum.
    I’m the same as you, my screen hasn’t got a scratch on it in 3 years and I’m a manual worker so this was a must for me. It has become slower now so it’s definitely time for an upgrade. 

    For anyone to say the stainless is identical to aluminium is blind. Stainless is shiny and the aluminium is more of a matte silver (and looks cheap IMO)

    I’m excited to see what new features are added, hopefully some kind of new sensor.
  • Compared: Facebook Libra and Calibra vs Apple Pay

    Hopefully this will give Apple a kick up the arse and get Apple Pay Cash released in the rest of the world because here in the U.K I've been waiting far too long!
  • 'Sign in with Apple' better than using passwords, says Google authentication chief

    "I honestly do think this technology will be better for the internet and will make people much, much safer," advised Risher. "Even if they're clicking our competitors button when they're logging into sites, that's still way better than typing in a bespoke username and password, or more commonly, a recycled username and password." 
    BULLSHIT. He wants people to use google and Facebook sign-on's so that they can harvest data - we're not stupid. However, it seems apple is going the right way about privacy.
  • Lawsuit charges Apple with ignoring swelling Apple Watch batteries

    My original Apple Watch 2 had the screen pop off randomly one day, unsure if it was due to battery swelling though. I had private insurance which swapped it for a brand new one in 48hrs and it’s still going strong, albeit a bit slower than when I first bought it. Next stop Apple Watch 5.