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  • Apple cancels AirPower wireless charging mat, citing quality issues

    BittySon said:
    Tim Cook REALLY needs to go.  If you can’t deliver, don’t suggest that you can.
    Apple is beginning to be known for all the wrong things now.  No vision, ok but not innovative products, over-promising and under-delivering, and nothing to suggest that this is likely to change.  But more importantly, the company has simply lost operational excellence.  That was its DNA. This is a management problem because I doubt that all the smart and creative people have left the building.
    I agree to be honest. 6 years ago I wouldn't hear a bad word be said about Apple but slowly but surely things have gone downhill and I, myself, am getting tired of lack of vision and ambition. Apple used to lead and now they are getting very bad press for basically becoming a cash cow with no forward thinking. It's just really irritating considering the time and money I've placed in Apple. 
  • Apple engineer who led development of A7 through A12X chip cores departs company

    MisterKit said:
    Those are big shoes to fill. Wonder why he left.
    Apparently he was promised an Airpower but it's not coming to market so he's had enough...
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  • Apple cancels AirPower wireless charging mat, citing quality issues

    Disappointed is an understatement. I've been waiting for it since they gave us a sneak peak. Let's be honest, its a massive egg on Tim Apples face right now, he basically promised and failed to deliver - someone in the engineering department should be getting a big telling off for saying that it's not far off final production.


    I ordered a SliceCharge Pro yesterday - initially for use as a travel charger or use in other rooms while I waited for the AirPower so I advise you all take a look at it before you cancel your wireless AirPods case. The link is below, thank me later!

  • Apple TV Remote app for iOS snags fresh icon in update

    I don’t understand why the iOS remote app works by replicating a dumb traditional remote.

    You literately have a fancy $1200 touch device in your hands, simulating a $20 device.
    Why doesn’t the remote replicate a simplified view of the AppleTV’s view so you can directly tap on items with the convenience of a phone, instead of having to swipe up, left, right and down, swiping too far or not enough all the friggin’ time?

    Genius. Get this guy a job at Apple Park. This makes so much sense, it’s the 21st century and we’re still using TV remotes like it’s the 1970’s. 
  • The new TV App is coming to third generation Apple TV hardware

    I think this would be a backwards step for Apple. If they get it running on old hardware then it'll be an awful user experience due to the age and put people off future apple hardware. I think it would have made more sense to lower the price of the Apple TV HD.
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