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  • The TextBlade keyboard is superb, but you'll have to be patient

    Interesting read.

    Obviously someone violated the bit about non-disclosure of the TREG agreement. Hopefully that same person can share additional information about the 'top gift'. Was the NDA posted on Reddit originally, or leaked elsewhere? Is there any way to communicate with the leaker?

    I disagree with your closing remark. Context matters. Circumstance matters. Motive matters. At some point, the gloves must come off. Mark Knighton is lying to people blatantly and remorselessly. The 'where's Waldo' game he is playing on the heels of 3 rapid successive missed deadlines is evidence of his criminal mindset. 

    It's time to start shutting Mark Knighton down.

    As an aside, the TREG NDA was disclosed by WT. Well I say disclosed, they left it in the IOS app in a spot they thought was not accessible. Turns out it was. 

    There are friendlies on the other side of the fence, and I do my best not to pass any information I have that might identify them. That information is limited to bits and pieces and occasionally a cryptic pointer. Mostly. Separately and I point this out so as not to start a witchhunt on WTF (again) there are some very decent TREG members who post answers to public questions, like the chaps who pop in here and back at the sub. I know that this thread is being followed by many more than are posting in it, as is the sub, so your message may have already got through to someone. I would be remiss if did not point out that obviously this post is being written by a stranger on the internet and that a degree of caution is sensible. 

    Context etc does, as you say matter, but not as far as contract law. What is in the contract is in the contract. 

    Sadly as California consumer law is as my learned friend once put it to me "an effing joke" (except he did not say effing), there is little recourse for you as an individual. Once you have your money back, you are basically where you started. Investigatory bodies will only pick up the phone if it's tens of millions of dollars at stake. 

    I get the feeling that how Mark lives his life has led to the situation he finds himself in now. Which is with a product at risk of being taken away from him and another who' s zombie development process has stalled his IP between two stools. His personal sunk costs are simultaneously colossal and not enough. I would prefer any comeuppance as far as Mark was concerned to happen after my order is fulfilled as opposed to before. but that is just the self interest talking I think. 

    I would council against basing an action on the apparent motives of a third party. While their motives appear self evident to you, without evidence it's just an interpretation. The other thing I would like to mention is just because I operate within the "realpolitik" of the situation doesn't mean I am not disgusted with some of the things that have happened, and that while the entertainment value has been great, I only wanted a little keyboard. 


  • The TextBlade keyboard is superb, but you'll have to be patient

    It's fun watching someone being starved of the oxygen of attention. 
    It is more or less the 10th now. Way back in in mists of late 2015, i think, between the exiles on Reddit we worked out the average amount of deadline overrun WT committed. IT averaged at about 450%. Which is to say where WT say "a week" that will be an average five and a half weeks. 

    By those figures,  if WT a manage to produce an update before Mid October that would be not even be close to their worst performance. 

    We have had another weekend testing cycle come and go and another "Monday Meeting" slide by without word. So this week is already looking doubtful. It's 11 days until 2019-06-21 which as we all know is the summer solstice and nothing else... cough cough, and we are in to the 3 month period that marks "release period"

    We have a single report of WT confirming a summer GR to a user in April 2019. I cannot currently confirm independently whether this is the case or not, however for the sake of argument that would lead to a release window ( 3 - 6 months corrected by WT estimation error bars)  of Late Jun 2020 to Jan 2022. 

    Based on the "butterfly delay" of 2015 and the "Flex PCB screw up" of 2016, I'd guess there is a new issue that WT have just touched the edges of. What happens next will be determined by whether WT think they can fix the issue. If they think they can fix it we will get a string of randomly placed "nopedates" and "Musk-Jobs" while they frantically vamp. If they don't think they can quickly fix it the they will be silent until a fix is possible which in the past has stretched into months. 


    A more reliable source, that bloke from the pub, said that one of the delays was getting otters trained which their little paws to push the Flex PCB from front to back during assembly. This was due, he says, to a global shortage of otters. He reckons you will have to clean every textblade's magnetic contacts right out of the box due to the combination of fish oil and otter fur from the assembly process. 

    We all know that otters never wash their hands properly... 


    edit: correcting autocucumber

  • The TextBlade keyboard is superb, but you'll have to be patient


    Has someone that matters shown up yet?

    Some bloke you have never heard of from down the pub says that textblade smells like the inside of his bobble hat. 

    That's at least 361 times more interesting than the last 100 posts, and as verified as some of the claims made here.

    Annnnnnnd go!


  • The TextBlade keyboard is superb, but you'll have to be patient

    That was what I suspected. Thanks for adding to my confirmation bias. :toooldtonotfeelweirdwhenusinganemojiemoji

    I was thinking to myself what do I say when asked to assess my achievements, only to realise that I don't think anyone has ever asked outside of a job interview. We all know that interviews exist in a parallel dimension where up is down and veracity has stepped out for a bit of a breather. 

    I think on balance that I would describe my achievements as "achieved" and my goals as "yet to be achieved." You can see why I never took a job in marketing or advertising can't you? 


    Still no word on whether there will be any word on whether there will be any word on the update about the next technical update. 

    And after a sentence like that I might have to go and have a little sit down with a coffee to recover.


    With the new 'tailed' mode on the textblade, I wonder whether the device when plugged in for a spell will run hot or not? I have had a few pocket sized devices that fresh from a bout of fast charging were too warn to stick in one's trouser pocket. 

    Maybe WT will have to affix cooling fins... 

    Just as long as it's not one of those ridiculous moustache magnets. 


  • The TextBlade keyboard is superb, but you'll have to be patient

    A thought crossed my mind Smurf and while you are here I'll ask:

    What kind of person describes themselves un-ironically as an "overachiever?"


    Still no word from Murk Shyton it seems. Perhaps at 3am PT on 2019-06-10 (Monday coming) he might tell us how tired he is again? 

    We were promised something that we are going to like. Which is good. I hope it's to see Lurking-Murk smeared from head to foot in peanut butter fighting an angry bear. Or Murk to maybe just post a paragraph of information without 500 words of justifications, empty promise-like statements and self aggrandisement. 

    Here is a tip: You can copy and paste "The dog ate my homework." 100 times and save yourself the composition time on that which people shall rip to shreds. 

    Here is another tip: Typing "Ran though testing on charging today. Working, but I am not happy with it. Will get the team to look into the code once more this week. Next round of testing will be Saturday/Sunday next week will update and answer questions then." takes no time, but your customers will have an idea what you are doing.

    Here is another tip: Responding to questions that ask specific technical things should be prioritised over getting into slanging matches with customers. 

    One last tip: We (the bit of the internet that is still paying attention) told you that a firmware refactor was at least year long project nearly a year ago. You could have had the decency to acknowledge that, and perhaps just admit that the delay was going to be 12 months, minimum. You could have committed to an update at each milestone, for example: "Jumps now implemented in the new codebase. Testing shows no current issues." You could have had a WTF forum post stickied with the milestones on it and edit the thing to mark them complete as you went. That is a really low effort way of keeping your customers informed. 

    Or you could hide, randomly assign estimates and throw a tantrum when someone you don't like posts something you don't like. 


    No one "has" to show anything to anyone. No one needs to validate anyone's argument by responding. Life is too short to waste too much of it on irrelevance. That which has been shown, has already been shown, many times over, and "discussed" (for want of a better word) for many tens of thousands of words. If WT are just being let away with making things up, nothing anyone defending their awful behaviour says actually matters. 

    I do enjoy a good discussion, but discussions such as these lack closure for all concerned. If people are going to waste everyone's time arguing that:
    • Facts aren't facts 
    • Words don't mean what they mean 
    • Context does not matter
    • If reality disagrees with interpretation, reality is wrong
    nothing discussed actually matters. I have had acquaintances over the years that indulged in exactly this sort of behaviour, and for all I know they still do. I wouldn't know, as while I have many firm friends with whom I disagree greatly on all manner of topics, I tend to stop spending time with people who can't argue coherently, and refuse to stop arguing. 


    I suspect that there will be some form response. but I shall preempt it here by saying this: 

    The eels will have go through their spin cycle without their ginger beer today.