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  • The TextBlade keyboard is superb, but you'll have to be patient


    From the point of view of a customer who has offered twice to meet with WT at their choice of venue to dispel their fears, only to be met with no response, I get the impression that any attempt to communicate with WT is more or less pointless. There are too many unknowns when talking to "Waytools_support". Some here have assumed that the hands behind the keys are those of Mark himself. Which presents a few interesting questions to ponder. 
    1. Why would the CEO of a multi-million dollar funded company get involved in an increasingly petty slanging match on a smallish forum? I am certain that between now and 2019-06-21 at about 10 am. PT,  Mark is going to be quite busy. 
    2. Would it not make more sense to have a social media body to do that? You know, someone good at this sort of thing.
    3. If the posted comments are not the typed words of Mark, then can someone let actual Mark know what a poor job his representative is doing? 
    4. If these are the words of the CEO of WT then they do more to damage the company image than protect it. Should we be concerned regarding potential Musk-Toxicity? Tesla is a an oft cited example for WT's talking points, but isn't the CEO of that firm in a spot of bother for accusing people of stuff on the internet? 
    5. Whoever is typing the responses to comments here only fact checks transaction information sometimes, can anyone see a pattern as to what gets verified and what doesn't before comments are made? I'll give you a clue what may be going on here rhymes with "Scores a ball, his nigh ability's key". 
    6. Is there any benefit for WT not to explaining in short and clear terms what the current state of development is when asked here? The answer to "is it done yet?" is "no." work from there perhaps? That is the current news reduced to a 4 word question and a single word answer but I am sure that someone at WT can manage something in between a single word answer and Tolstoy.
    7. There are a great many questions regarding the product development status left unanswered in this thread with only a vague statement to the effect that WT will update their forum with details at some point. We as customers are in the odd position of waiting for updates regarding updates regarding the timing of the latest update. 
    I'll be back tomorrow to see what has been forthcoming, from the WT account. It would be refreshing to see some engagement on the topic of their product, it's development roadmap, and the timescales on which that will be delivered. But then why engage with you paying customers when you can just turn not into ex-customers and/or start flinging accusations around? It's far easier to point to horizon and shout "Look there. Elephants. Thousands of them" than give a passerby directions, but It wears paper thin very quickly.  

    We already have the marketing quote of the decade right here:
    So please don’t buy it, and definitely don’t read what users say about it. - Waytools, developer of the Textblade - 2019. 
    That's not even lifted from inside a comment, it is the whole comment. 

    Alex, I wish I could write half as well as you. You see, when I sit to type I am simply all fingers and thumbs...

  • The TextBlade keyboard is superb, but you'll have to be patient

    Arkorott - per our earlier reply to you, we’ll post news of several exciting advances on our forum. We hope you like it.


  • The TextBlade keyboard is superb, but you'll have to be patient

    WayTools_Support said: [another slice of questionable logic and lack of discretion]
    Err Wut?

    Firstly, I have not been uncivil. Unless you born in the eighteenth century of course, in which case congratulations on achieving this ripe old age. I shall order some doilies to put under the teapot and wash the antimacassars with best carbolic.  That aside, if you have any specific criticism regarding my tone in this thread I suggest you put them in a PM to me and we can discuss them at length there. 

    If we are to stack your behaviour against mine, I think that I have shown a not inconsiderable amount of restraint. I haven't diagnosed your mental state, advised people coming to this thread not to buy your product, copy pasted a claims footnote, or well anything very much,. I have asked on topic questions regarding the completeness of the bulk items specified in the article in question and many others besides. I have have queries responded to by TREG members with no rancour or unpleasantness. Your first act here was to attack first Ericpeets then shortly after you rounded on me. Even after a simple request for information and a call for peace due to the common ground we as customers-ordinary share with TREG members, your first thought was to immediately attack me again. 

    I understand that the bloke whose order you cancelled sought legal advice. (He IAAL although this is not his field)  He had said that chasing a remedy was probably not worth the effort. I had offered to quietly add another unit to my order, at my own expense, and he just laughed. His assertion was that "California consumer protection is an £$£%ing joke, and that unless you are suing for millions no one cares." I took that as fair warning that legal action halfway across the world over a $99 dollar keyboard was pointless. As you claim specifically that I said on AI that I was retaining my order "to sue" I would like you to link to the post on AI in which I said that and if not link is forth coming for you to admit that is not a thing I have said on AI. 

    Where precisely on AI have I said it wont ship? I mean we are four years after your original stated ship date, every ship estimate given barring the most recent one has been wrong and that will either be met or not. I have said that you won't ship, and specified that your statement of requiring feature parity between old and new firmware versions is the limiting factor. One assumes due to your lack of response to the others requests for a list of tasks that need to be completed prior to general release that this is the last thing that needs doing? Firmware feature parity, roll out to TREG, GR, in that order. That is what is in the public domain, so how about putting some time frames on those steps? It is not like you have not been asked many times already? 

    I take great pains to not say "don't buy it", you seem quite capable of driving away custom whatever I might say. When I am asked about your product I show them your posts, and that usually invoke the "wince face" that is normally reserved for when you see someone hit themselves in the 'fork'. I moderate a subreddit full of people who have run afoul of you and your customer service, and ensure that it stays on the right side of proper, for Reddit that is. You make a specific claim that on AI I have said "don't buy it", I would like you to find the post on AI in which I said that and link it in your response, or admit that I did not say it. I hardly think that not wanting you to force a refund is incompatible with wanting the product, is it?

    If we are to talk about preceding statements, which is going to be a bad idea considering the Admin note on the thread, one might ask you once again about the many preceding incorrect shipping estimates, the false claims about financial transactions made here and elsewhere, etc. 

    I cannot fathom whether the manner your misrepresent what I say is due to your lack of grasp of English, that you are responding to multiple people and are just getting muddled, or whether there is malicious intent. I have given you the benefit of the doubt so far, as I am a great believer in not ascribing to malice that which can be explained by error.

    Rolanbek - please look here at what no one has said about what nobody got.
    I said 
    One bit of common ground is: No one has got what they paid for yet.

    While TREG members use a prototype unit, it remains the property of WT. So they are also waiting for GR to get what they paid for. That they effectively pay for that test access with their time and data is a matter for them to deal with. 
    Posting a review link is not a response to that. Is your contention that the TREG members have received the goods specified in the contract of sale between you and them? Because that is counter to the NDA document that they are required to sign on admission to TREG. 

    You cannot have it both ways dear, either the product is their property to dispose of as they will or it is yours, in which case TREG does not have what they paid for, they have use of a unit on loan from you with clear retention of title and even a misbehaviour clause allowing you to revoke that use. You have specified that TREG units contain a dated token that renders the device unusable after an amount of has elapsed and an action has not being performed (said to be connection to the IOS app for updates). 

    Is that double negative just you trying to be cute? I ask because one of the many criticisms regarding your communication style is that you are less that clear in what you say and that you take great pains to use phrasing which is obtuse and ambiguous. 

    In any case I have already read those reviews. 

    I invite anyone to read my past posts here, on Reddit and on WTF,  I especially think the warranty claim one is especially funny.  Your mileage may vary, of course. I am at a speaking engagement in the Pasadena area in the summer and you are welcome to attend, you might find some of the anecdotes particularly familiar, if you would like details you can PM me. Or I could come to you? You are still at the same address aren't you? Itinerary permitting of course. 

    If we miss each each there I am sure you will be in Europe at some point, I am often in the Netherlands and Denmark for work, so I can catch you there if you like? 

    Equally if you don't want to meet I understand, it's fine, a lot of people find my towering intellect intimid..... [bursts into laughter] well I nearly got through that without laughing. Look if you don't want to meet, that is fine, it's not the first time I have offered to meet, and it won't be the first time you declined (although it was more a lack of response last time, followed shortly by a forum ban.)  If you don't want me to be anonymous to you that is fine, but you have you publicly state that you will not cancel my orders. 

    As last point, regarding your statement that you will respond only if the claims are no longer provocative, the same test and condition lies with you, perhaps you could publicly retract your provocative claims, and then we can get on and discuss the product in a bit of peace. You went through that list of conditions for posting here and noted the section on ad hom's, time for you walk your's back perhaps?



  • The TextBlade keyboard is superb, but you'll have to be patient

    One bit of common ground is: No one has got what they paid for yet.

    While TREG members use a prototype unit, it remains the property of WT. So they are also waiting for GR to get what they paid for. That they effectively pay for that test access with their time and data is a matter for them to deal with. 

    I would like my questions regarding the product I purchased answered by the company that I purchased the product from. One can dream that after 4 years of the type of response from the company typified by this thread that perhaps they might discuss their product and respond to my and others quite reasonable questions about their product and the massively delayed project to deliver it to us. 

    I speak for no one other than myself, I am no catspaw or ringleader. I just want to know where my stuff is, what known items need to be done before it gets to me and how long that might actually take. I would like the corporate entity represented in this thread to stop publishing misleading statements about me, and others and to stop misrepresenting financial transactions. If that can't be arranged I would at least like them not be published on this moderated platform.


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  • The TextBlade keyboard is superb, but you'll have to be patient

    alexonline said:[some things]
    There is no need to to be ungracious about TREG as a whole. DBK's actions are his own, and a goodly number of TREG members are very civil and helpful, certainly to me and to others that I have seen. 

    If you are angry at WT, I understand, if you are frustrated with DBK, I understand, but my opinion is that some of your post might be misjudged and you are a great deal better than that. 

    Some us just wanted a small keyboard.