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  • The TextBlade keyboard is superb, but you'll have to be patient

    TextBladeDenier -

    Lots of pages of damage control up there.  

    Guess the elephant in the room got lit up.  And flinched.

    Anyone who brags about keeping folks up at night gives definition to creepy.

    A person who actually wants the product, doesn’t hope to say “I told you so”.

    That fact that you’re working against success is woven throughout the tone of your posts.

    You’re not doing customers any favors.

  • The TextBlade keyboard is superb, but you'll have to be patient

    As has been the pattern here, the facts are again misrepresented to spin a dark yarn, in an attempt to distort reality.

    Juli was relentlessly accused of writing a puff piece for money.  She did no such thing.  She reported accurately what she observed about the exciting new capabilities of this technology.  The same capabilities accurately reported by William at AppleInsider, and the same excitement that he conveyed after extensively using the product for many months himself.

    The reason the reports align, and confirm the same performance, is because it’s true.  

    Juli had indeed told the truth, just as William has.  Her reports were entirely vindicated by the authentic user reviews from the hundreds of TextBlades in the field.  And now by another personal user, who also happens to be a well-respected journalist for AppleInsider, another publication that has earned its own well-regarded, independent reputation.

    A few actors on the scene have been profoundly adverse to the existence of this truth.  Juli received many accusations that she had overstated the capabilities, for money.  She repeatedly responded publicly, and emphasized that she was not paid anything, and only reported what she honestly observed.  She continued reporting for a year.

    But the accusers ignored her clear statements, and kept accusing her. Just as you see what’s happening on this thread, they personally attacked her, trying to cast doubt upon her core values, and her identity as journalist with integrity and substance.  Her reputation for honesty is very well known, and is why we gave her full access to the product and our team.  Readers trust her, and we trust her.

    And yet she was subjected to the very same serial, repetitive questioning of her fundamental values and ethics.  The same kind of accusations you see here in this thread.  The same ‘gaslighting’ described in the Wikipedia citation, to try to manipulate a person by pushing them to doubt their own beliefs, and the very bedrock that defines their character.

    She ended coverage, after 4 articles on topic, because of these abusive accusations.

    Her summary comment from that post 102 below, is very explicit about the source of stress that prompted her action -
    A lot of the accusations in this thread have been off base and highly stressful for me. I've been struggling figure out how to explain myself in a way that you guys would find satisfactory, and I'm still not sure how to do it. The idea that I would deceive MacRumors readers or write something untruthful for money (or whatever other benefit I'm supposedly getting out of this) is so entirely preposterous to me that I've been at a loss for words.

    Readers often may have questions about facts and observations.  That’s normal and unremarkable.  But here, the reporter was not questioned about facts, she was personally attacked.  The repeated posts, and private emails that you don’t see, were continually hammering her, throughout the year that she covered the story.  That’s not normal. There’s some other interests at work here. 

    The parallels to now, on this thread, are striking.  The repetitive, maniacal crusade we see here now by a supposed consumer, who spends full time labor camping on the topic.  This is way out of proportion for a 99 dollar accessory, that he proclaims is a non-product, and won’t ship.  Even while he knows that hundreds of them have already shipped into the field for customer validation, in grueling daily usage over 36 months. During which time this new technology has proved its worth, as a genuine game-changer.

    It begs the question of who would do this, and why?  Who would put so much cumulative resource toward telling people not to order something.  It’s very weird indeed.  Especially when anyone can opt-out at any time.  Especially when the accuser himself does not follow the advice he dishes out to everyone else.  He maintains his order, and yet spends his time telling others to do differently.

    Logically, if either William or Juli at some point discovered they were deceived, and the product was really no good, that would be important news. Don’t you think they would report that?

    Isn’t that the surest way to prove one’s journalistic integrity?  Wouldn’t that summarily refute anyone who accuses a reporter of puffery?

    Yet, they did not report that.  Because there was no deception.  There were definitely delays to perfect this new technology, and both reporters reported on them.  Just as there were delays with Apple’s AirPower, and both publications reported on those too.  

    Phil Schiller did not deceive customers or reporters when he gave an estimate of 2018 shipping for AirPower.  He told the truth of what he knew at that time, based on what his team believed was achievable. But new challenges arose, beyond what Apple could foresee, and after 2 years of trying, they canceled it.

    In contrast, after one year of extra work, WayTools did not cancel.  Instead, we began shipping TextBlade, in limited quantities to paying customers.  We worked through whatever they found or needed, and validated it across hundreds of diverse operating environments.

    This is a very different reality than the false picture painted by some anonymous posters.  

    It is hard to imagine how so much effort would be put to discrediting people who are making something much needed, and very good.  There is amazing, selfless work being done by our engineering team.  They are a cadre of experts with full hearts, deeply passionate about delivering something to every customer, that surprises and delights them.  And it’s working.  All the extra work and time to thoroughly validate something you will depend on every day,- this turned out to be a smart thing to do.  You can hear the results in the voices of the customers who have them.

    Whatever agenda some may have - to knock the people doing the very hard work of bringing forth something genuinely better - whatever their purpose in the constant dark spin, it doesn’t matter.  The bizarre FUD campaign will pass, and will be a minor and forgettable footnote to a much more important story - of how the keyboard was brought forward for the modern era.

    What matters is that the product be good.  Really good.  What matters is that we remain steadfast.  What matters is that we deliver something to all who trusted us, that compellingly affirms that it was indeed worth all that it took to create.

  • The TextBlade keyboard is superb, but you'll have to be patient

    Dbk - we don’t doubt he bought one, which is why he hides his identity.

    But we do see lots of evidence that he has no interest to use the product.  He’s keeps saying we’ve shipped zero, and will never ship any.

    A real customer buys it because he wants to use the thing, not as pretext for suits or disparagement.
  • The TextBlade keyboard is superb, but you'll have to be patient

    We most definitely dispute what you’ve said above, and earlier.

    And we most definitely have dialed down our engagement of your serial misrepresentations. 
  • The TextBlade keyboard is superb, but you'll have to be patient

    So this fellow, TextBladeDenied, has stated the reason for his order is to make a lawsuit.  It’s not to enjoy a nice keyboard.

    That would be the lawsuit for ‘keeping his money’ - which he knows he can take at anytime, with a few clicks.

    That would be the same money that he in fact refuses to take, and even hides his name to prevent us giving to him.  

    So, he sends money, to make an order, to sue to get it back.  Ok.

    Seems like a few clicks is quite a bit faster.

    In a court, he’ll have to disclose his real name, and explain to a judge why he refused a refund.

    A real customer doesn’t waste his day to do stuff like this.

    This numbing repetition, and illogical twisting of words and facts - it’s a job.  To discourage and disparage customers of something good. 

    The good thing that customers want us to steadfastly prepare and bring to their door.  

    Despite all the crazy antics of adversarial interests.