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  • The TextBlade keyboard is superb, but you'll have to be patient

    Cymro - your wife has great instincts, and we shall oblige her.

    Ericpeets - Good to see.  It’s down to picking nits with style, ergo we must be doing well on substance.

    There is a popular discussion site called Quora.  Its founders are actually quite literate people.

    To all - 

    You can see the same pattern emerge here, from the same actors.  

    The same folks who flooded the macrumors forum to overload its editor, and frustrate posters with a steady storm of chaff.  That’s the denial of service in action.

    The pattern - throw out twisted half-truths, to prompt corrections. Then claim bullying, when confronted by truth in civil discourse.

    Follow it up with a bushel of nit-picking, to bait more contact, and make it mind-numbing enough so there’s no substance left to dine on.  

    That’s the playbook, and engaging it doesn’t lead to resolution, because good faith is absent.  You can never satisfy anyone who doesn’t wish to be satisfied.

    Once you see the pattern, you see how it repeats.  The example that just played out is clear enough.  It’ll keep coming, until there’s no response. It doesn’t help to engage the repetitive baiting.  

    Some folks who say they too, want the product ... actually don’t.  They don’t want this advance to grow, and they come here to discourage and delay it.

    For some, the mere existence of the product is disquieting, and the ascent of it is a threat.

    They pay lip service to its qualities, which by now are inarguable.

    But their core message is - don’t buy it.  Please.  And they camp on that, and work it hard.

    Got to wonder why that matters to them.  

    Why do they need to control what others do?

  • The TextBlade keyboard is superb, but you'll have to be patient

    We’ll let the reader compare our prior post alongside the one above, to judge whose tone is the bully.

    On our forum, we got flame posts from the day we announced.  At that time, their assertion was that TextBlade was just CGI and didn’t actually exist. They don’t say that anymore.

    A fascinating phenomenon we learned then, was that without identity vetting, a single individual would spawn 5 fake id’s, and then corroborate his own points via his alter egos.

    He would either agree with himself, or alternatively at first argue, to get cred, and then ultimately concede to being enlightened, and concur on the ‘real truth’.

    These were systematically presented as facts, often in authoritative tones, and all from anonymous pseudonyms.  Often, id’s were created just minutes after the first burner id was confronted with their contradictions. 

    Some of these folks turned out to work for competitors, and some were just haters who just like to knock anything hopeful and good.

    But the common thread was to speak on behalf of others, and to try to control their individual choices.  To advise them what to do.  That was always the target.

    And these preemptive hits began before the journey had even begun.  Before there were any of the inevitable hiccups and screwups along the way to making something great.  Before a single shipment had any delay at all.  So obviously, there’s been more at play here than the entirely reasonable frustration of waiting for the thing we all want.

    The anonymous chaff was a hassle, but it made us realize that we had indeed touched a nerve.  People don’t talk about stuff that no one cares about.  But they can really get up into a lather about the stuff of consequence.

    The thing we built clearly had a lot of power to change things, and there were some folks who feared it enough to try to block it.  But when there’s merit, eventually it gets known.  And it breaks through.  And that has happened here, as we shipped customers in the test release group.

    To cut through some of the spin about ‘4 years between reviews’ here’s the short strokes -

    - We announced in 2015.  Macrumors wrote about it then, before anyone had it.

    - We started shipping some customers in 2016 to test it, and kept ramping it up.

    - Over the last 36 months we’ve shipped hundreds to customers, and they’ve used them extensively to prove it out and refine it.

    - There have already been close to a hundred written reviews posted by paying customers who give TextBlade a hardcore workout daily.

    - During this time, we didn’t do any promotion, or contact any journalists. We instead focused on working to refine it with customers.

    - At the end of 2018, William contacted us.  He asked to give it a go personally.  So we let him do it.

    - After a few months using it, he wanted to write about it.  So he did.  And he likes it.  Which is exactly what we want to see for every customer.

    - So that brings us to today, in 2019.  3 years of real world testing done by a lot of real customers, and their reviews.  More than most amazon review pages.

    So the only thing that’s ‘telling’ here is how this reality, somehow got spun up into ‘no reviews for 4 years’.  Reality is quite different from spin.

    ‘Distortion’ was a very apt title.

  • The TextBlade keyboard is superb, but you'll have to be patient

    Some facts from WayTools that may be helpful -

    1. Refunds

    Refunds can be done by a customer online, at any time, in about a minute.  No calls or emails are needed.  It’s all automated on our servers 24 X 7.

    If a customer voices any concern about their order, we refund them to resolve it in good faith, as all companies should do.

    If they’d rather keep an order, they’re welcome to reorder within a week, and we will restore their priority date and benefits.  

    We do ask them to confirm they’re comfortable with the nature of this work, and know the date won’t be certain until we’ve expanded shipping to general release.

    Mr. Mims has characterized this refund policy as ‘forcibly canceled’.  You can discern for yourself if his statement is truthful.

    2. Forum Posting

    TextBlade forum is for customers to share their experiences and thoughts on the product, and related topics.

    The forum server has trust levels based on user activity.   The moderators administer this level based on simple standards.

    If a poster knowingly publishes false information, their trust level is reduced.  If it’s chronic, they can’t post.

    The objective is to allow free and productive discourse, without denial of service attacks, deliberate misinformation campaigns, or hate speech.

    This works really well, and lets anyone learn or provide useful info on a clear channel.  There’s criticism, praise, insight, facts, and ideas.  It’s productive.

    But moderating this takes a lot of work, which is not usually practical on general fora like a publication, or a watering hole discussion board like reddit.

    That’s why misinformation agents usually target such fora, which often devolve into unproductive verbal ping pong or hate chatter.

    3. Principles

    Mr. Mims is an intelligent man who knows all this quite well.

    Contrary to his characterization, he has had more than 10 email exchanges with WayTools Support, where all of this was discussed in depth with many thousands of words of personal response from us to accommodate his extensive and detailed queries.

    Mr Mims knows that chronic misinformation is precisely what reduces posting rights.  And yet he has characterized our response as an unreasonable ban.

    He understands well how nuance and the turn of a phrase can bolster, or misrepresent the truth, and he has a good command of language.

    We’re not confident in the paraphrasing or quotations from Mr. Mims, because of the many conflicting points he’s presented directly to us.

    We can say however, that if he sent such chronic conduct to any editor, a very rational response would be to encourage him to take a refund so as to end the conversation.

    We encouraged him to take a refund, and he did.

    Given all this, we also can’t reconcile why he’d ever want to buy our product on amazon, since it’s made by the very same firm that he works so hard to disparage.

    Whether a person has a purpose for their narrative, other than just to genuinely enjoy the product - that is unfathomable for us.  

    We simply accept that there are different interests in the world, and we withdraw from transacting where there’s conflict.

    The reader can decide their own logical case for what they feel is reasonable engagement by manufacturers and customers.