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  • Kuo: Apple unlikely to cut iPhone 11 shipments in October

    Malcolm. I really don't understand how you are still working at Apple Insider. One of the main reasons that I read here, is that this is one of a few sites that treats Apple fairly. If I want to have antiApple reading I have plenty of places to go, which I also do. This "report" has a completely misleading title. "Cut shipments"???? Kuo's note is about "cut shipment'S TIME"!!!!! And what about saying that Apple has an "usual tactic of cutting shipments"; from where are you taking the information that this is a tactic? This "article" is in the same line as your other "article" that "compares" the Galaxy Note with the iPhone. Buried somewhere at the end of such "article" you say that you are only "comparing" hardware; by the way, how do you compare all what you claim. You don't even compare photos as some antiApple sites do.
  • Editorial: If Apple wants to get serious with Apple TV+, shedding the 'clean' image would ...

    I am so tired of the God money. The profits arguments beating everything..... This article comes out the next day that this one other shows up: www.usatoday.com/story/life/tv/2019/04/29/study-kids-suicides-spiked-after-netflixs-13-reasons-why/3623872002/ That GOT is making so much money is not saying anything about the damage that it makes to society. The number of articles that says how much TV influences society are more than enough. Otherwise, why do companies invest so much in advertisement? Or do you still believe the argument that advertisement are "only" to inform?
  • Editorial: Why is Samsung's Galaxy Fold graded on a curve?

    It would be interesting an article about why Apple is constantly under "harassment" from mainstream media, while other companies don't, and are even propelled to continue and expand mistakes and highly questionable practices. It is really surprising how this behavior is growing: I used to follow Ms. Stern because of her balanced commentaries about Apple products, but I'm overly appalled about her comments about privacy! This harassment isn't new: it has been there since Apple was still an "underdog" when it was rebuilding itself. This unconscious or conscious behavior should have only a handful of motivations. Does this harassment existed before Steve Jobs rejoined the company? Is it a bully behavior, i.e. let's harass because it always has been done with Apple? Is it because the practice of gifting that Apple doesn't use, including giving exclusive information as a gift?, Gifts to influencers, so they can get more exposure?, Resentments of political or religious origin? Maybe some clues and parallels can be obtained from the behavior towards one other company that is similarly harassed: Tesla-SpaceX. On one hand, Apple products have many advantages: they just work, they are easily interoperable (again, this propels productivity), they promote sustainability, they are actively working on a balanced approach to information sharing. For my part, the main complain with Apple is its overpriced products. I really don't think that this advantages justify the overprice, specially considering that the two last advantages should be mandatory for all big companies (obviously this reality is not Apple's fault). At the end, what bothers me about this bullying behavior against Apple, is that this consciously or unconsciously undermines a company that do things right, creating (I repeat ... creating) public opinions that may drive the company out of business. The logical behavior is to promote companies that do things similarly right, so at the end, the competition will be fair, the prices must go down, and the society becomes better. Irrational bullying just sink this company, and all the advantages that it provides.