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  • Missing iPhone 13 Phone Noise Cancellation may not return

    I honestly don’t understand why they even use the phone anymore. We’re all connected to the internet which gives us much higher voice resolution.
  • Vanessa Kirby replaces Jodie Comer in Ridley Scott's 'Kitbag'

    Interesting. My psychopath father is related to Napoleon. Will have to watch 
  • The AirTag stalking problem is only partially Apple's problem, it's mostly law enforcement...

    As a victim myself of malignant narcissist psychopaths there are no modern laws on the books that can keep up with manipulators. AirTags are a problem but manipulators use so many different ways to stalk you most people have no idea. If you get a restraining order they can ask or hire someone else to stalk you. Technology is just one of many ways stalkers can find out where you are. Laws need to change. 
  • Everything we know about the 'iPhone 14 Pro' so far

    I’ve switched from iPhone 12 mini to Google pixel and I couldn’t be happier. Battery life is amazing. Voice dictation is perfect and faster then ever. Tasks are incredibly fast. Always on display is amazing. Weather in Lock Screen is perfect and I strongly needed it. Touch ID during the pandemic is a complete necessity for me and much faster then Face ID. I’m afraid that I’m now a convert to android. I’ve been an apple phone fan since the 3g. Apple is using an old compartmentalized notion that you need each separate thing for a complete Apple experience. It’s an old outdated model that needs to be reconstructed. I’m not going to buy an Apple Watch to unlock my iPhone with a mask. I’m not going to have my iPad side by side with my computer. Apple is falling behind with everything accept the Mac and Apokecwatch. The iPhone and iPad are total crap these days. I updated from first version of SE to the 12 mini. What a depressing upgrade. Goodbye Apple iPhone. Your years ahead thinking and sollidifying of your products a year or two out needs to be redone. Apples compartmentalization is destroying Apples products strength. The new MacBook pros are fantastic and I have one. Cheers
  • A prominent orange dot in macOS Monterey is causing problems for artists

    DAalseth said:
    Next we will hear from photographers angry that their landscapes are being spoiled by these red eight sided signs and will demand their removal. 

    Sorry but A) this is for all of our protection, and B )it really isn’t that big a deal. I’ve seen a number of exported videos with a little orange dot in the corner. This is Much Ado About NOTHING.
    You’re wrong. So, have a beautiful day