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  • Sundar Pichai minted CEO of Alphabet as Google co-founders step aside

    LOL, they're retiring so when they're eventually indicted that it will reflect less badly on the almighty Google.
  • Editorial: Why Microsoft Surface isn't growing after seven years of trying

    It's unfair to make a direct comparison without taking into account all of the devices that the Surface line has inspired - particularly all the '2 in 1' tablets. But I've used a Surface Pro 4 since January 2016, switching to a Surface Pro 5 this past spring. These have been my everything machines, for front end development and digital art. They're pretty capable but I've been disappointed by 2 things: 1) The hardware quality. I had the first SP4 replaced one year later due to an awful screen flickering issue. And I received the SP5 as a replacement from MS due to another hardware failure that was clearly a build issue (I was out of warranty & they still replaced it). 2) The Surface Pen is mediocre for drawing. I know this is due to the N-trig digitizer. I struggled with the pre-Pro iPads with art and finally gave up because even an old Wacom Bamboo was a million times better than trying to draw with pressure on the old iPads. I switched to a Toshiba Encore 2 Write, a $400 Atom-based Wintab that had a great drawing experience due to the Wacom digitizer. I went for the SP4 after that to consolidate things into one 'everything' machine. So I can see reason why Surface's growth may have stagnated. Artists won't be satisfied and there are hardware reliability issues. (I'm buying an iPad Pro this week so I can have a proper device for digital art.)
  • Facebook to face DOJ antitrust investigation, report says

    Or just take it over, remove all the advertising & algorithms, make it privacy-oriented, and turn it into a public utility. $5/mo would keep it profitable, revenue that can be used for other public works.
  • Adobe's new Fresco iPad app is designed for all skill levels

    Hot garbage for $10/mo when Procreate is a one-time flat $10. Only CC users will use this app, everyone else (including a lot of CC users) will stick to Procreate.
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  • New iPadOS lets you use a mouse to control your iPad and iPhone apps [u]

    I switched from lifelong Windows to Mac in 2011. Then back to a Surface Pro 4 (primarily for drawing) right before iPad Pros came out. If the Files management truly works well, this & the ability to use an external drive will make me ditch the Surface for an iPad (I'd still need a Windows desktop for games tho.)