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  • Ikea HomeKit hub with Matter support set for November release

    dewme said:
    Er, wasn’t one of the benefits of Matter that hubs weren’t needed?
    This device isn’t really a “hub” in the traditional sense of a communication (e.g., Ethernet) hub. It’s more of a hub like you see with Thunderbolt “hubs” on the market that provide a single centralized device that incorporates connectivity to multiple other communication networks and buses like USB, HDMI, Ethernet. 

    Matter is an application layer protocol that runs on top of multiple communication layers, the most important are IP based ones being Thread and WiFi. If all of your Matter devices are WiFi based and your client is on WiFi and supports Matter, then yeah, you don’t need a separate “hub, router, gateway” type of device. 

    However, if you want to access Matter devices that use Thread from a WiFi client you need a border router to route between WiFi and Thread. It’s still IP based end to end, but the WiFi and Thread link layers, physical layers, and IP address spaces are not the same. 

    This “hub” device also supports Zigbee devices, which are not IP based. Going from WiFi to Zigbee requires a gateway because it’s bridging protocols. 

    Matter devices can also communicate via Bluetooth. 

    So this Matter “hub” is actually a border router and gateway that allows Matter compatible clients to communicate with wide range of Matter compatible devices as well as legacy Zigbee devices. 

    There's an old truism that simple is complication i.e. it's easy to make something that is hard to use, it's hard to make something easy to use.

    Thanks for that explanation of the issues @dewme — I hope all this effort does actually make things easy; but I've a nagging worry that this hidden complexity might leak out, creating confusion, obstacles and disappointment for users. 

    Fingers crossed this Matter/Thread lark works out well.
  • Ikea HomeKit hub with Matter support set for November release

    Er, wasn’t one of the benefits of Matter that hubs weren’t needed?
  • Apple may bring adaptive transparency to original AirPods Pro

    Anyone else noticed a lack of bass when using original airpods pro with no noise cancelling and no transparency? It used to be ok, but recently changed for me…

    thanks for any responses
  • 'Tap to Pay on iPhone' feature officially available for Square merchants

    I’m in the uk and exclusively use ApplePay. I haven’t withdrawn any cash since before the pandemic. Occasionally I have to use a credit card, but only a couple of times a year.

    a lot of smaller merchants would love this on their iPhone without needing the silly extra reader box.
  • New iPadOS beta adds Stage Manager support to older iPad Pros

    Gotta say, it sounds to me like more phased obsolescence to encourage upgrading. Oh, we can’t do this magic without fast swap. Oh hang on, turns out we can…ߤ䦬t;div>
    My 32G 3TB Fusion, 2014 5k 27” iMac is rocking the latest MacOS even though Apple blocked support. Thank you OpenCore!
    Gotta say, it sounds like you aren’t a software developer. 

    Going back to the original Macintosh, advancements were made by contributors that sped things up and opened doors.
    Haha. I absolutely agree that thoughtful and ingenious software developers have the potential to make the biggest difference to a system.

    That's pretty much my point though — there's a long history of new features being withheld from Apple hardware that is well able to support it. Like in my example with Sidecar, AirPlay to Mac, Night Shift, and Universal Control.
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