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  • How an iPhone battery works and how to manage battery health

    That’s one of the better battery articles I’ve read. Well done!

    You can set a shortcut to alert you when your battery is charged over 80% if you want an easy way to stop charging if you’re nearby and don’t need full charge.
  • Shining some light on Apple's True Tone and Night Shift For a little auto control like the author complained didn’t exist. I love a 3rd party utility!
  • Apple Music commands a fifth of UK music streaming market

    The strange concept of a pie chart with ranges for each slice explains how 20+30+60=100% 🤣
  • Eve launches new HomeKit motion sensor with Thread, light triggers

    I think you are asking if a light trigger could occur twice for the same event (morning, evening sunlight). That's a good question. Some people may actually want a very short reset time on the light trigger, but it sounds like you want a very long threshold. I'm not sure, but that would probably have to be a HomeKit feature, not a sensor feature. I can't test it today.
    Yeah, that is it. Currently I have Nanoleaf Aurora lights coming on gradually when it gets dark around sunset. But if it's a cloudy or rainy day, the timing's different than when it's clear and bright. So I've convoluted a system involving current weather conditions and visibility. So a light sensor would be better, but I wouldn't want it triggering more than once a day.

    EDIT: Just reading the Eve blurb and it hints that my fears were right:

    ... refined by brightness.

    Use Eve Motion's light sensor to make your rules even smarter: Turn on your lights only when there's not enough daylight.
    But maybe I'm being pessimistic. Be interested to hear what you find when you receive yours (now they've taken your money)!
  • Eve launches new HomeKit motion sensor with Thread, light triggers

    I wonder if you can have a lux based threshold trigger (without needing motion)?
    Yes. That's part of the Home app. Check the Home app on your Mac, iPhone or iPad. It should be under "Add Automation / A sensor detects something / Select a Light Sensor. / Select Lux reading".

    In fact, the article mentions that you can trigger based on lux.
    Perfect! Thanks for the explanation @22july2013. The article's phrasing left some doubt in my mind, "...allows for light-based triggers alongside motion ones." I was concerned it might need a motion detection to trigger the lux event. i.e. only detect motion when it's dark.

    Tell me, is there hysteresis on the threshold to avoid re-triggering as night draws in?