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  • How to instantly change text between upper, lower, and title case on a Mac

    I wonder if this Services trick works around Transformations (and lots of other default MacOS text handling, like Lookup) not working in Microsoft apps? I’ll have to try it next time I’m on MacOS…
  • Apple sends threat alerts to iPhone users in Armenia

    Who watches the watchers? If Apple can detect this and report back to themselves that something bad is happening, isn’t this feature in itself an attack vector? A backdoor?
  • Hands on with the Apple TV app redesign in tvOS 17.2

    Navigating on screen without a cursor requires some other cue to make it clear just where you are. Currently the rounded rectangle icon you select doesn’t respond obviously enough to draw your eyes to it. It gets subtly larger—that’s supposed to get your attention. It needs  more. Maybe a highlight around it or a jiggle. 
    Just select high contrast focus to highlight the current icon.
  • Hands on with all the new features in iOS 17.1

    The linked accounts to Wallet is smoothly implemented. Linking is very smooth if you have the card's bank app installed; otherwise it just loads the banks website. Adding more than one card from the same bank also works (you have to select both at the same time in the bank's app).

    Here's an initial screen (below). One thing it doesn't seem to have (and needs IMO) is a FaceID check option before revealing all your transactions and balances in Wallet or in Settings->Wallet!

    Works on Barclaycard, First Direct, Halifax, but not offered for MBNA (odd as Halifax and MBNA are administered by RBOS).

  • Amazon now lets you log in with Apple's Face ID or Touch ID and Passkeys

    Not contradicting your post 22, but passkeys make me uneasy. Give me a password that is strong that I store in keychain and I’m in charge of my own destiny (and access to the resource). 

    Loose a device or an invisible crypto passkey and you’re buggered. #luddite  ߤ禺wj;♂️ 
    That's not accurate. With Apple operating systems, you can use their new feature for sharing your Passkeys with family or friends. A story on AppleInsider from 4 days ago covers this. It's called "How to Share Passwords [and Passkeys]."
    Indeed, yes. And I've seen the extra button when logging into But there's still something that feels wrong about trusting it. It's a perception thing. I'm all for tech, but as I say, this one just makes me uneasy for some reason. 

    EDIT: It is a bit daft that Apple hides the password field and offers a passkey option when signing on, even if your system doesn't support it. It seems quite a big dollop of encouragement — a hard sell — for something (superior) that might not be supported.