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  • Apple chose a bad year to launch expensive iPads that aren't compelling

    About the choice for the old Apple Pencil 1 on the iPad 10th gen. 

    I think I know why Apple chose to just support Pencil 1 on the new regular iPad. My guess is that somehow they didn’t figure out yet how to combine a magnetic charging spot and the FaceTime cam at the same side. They must badly interfere each other technically.

    Now they’ve put the front camera on the desired place, in horizontal position, I think they were not able to fit the charging component right above and/or behind it. And since the Apple Pencil 2 can only be charged on a magnetic edge, Apple chose to keep using Pencil 1 for the iPad 10th gen. Since it can’t be charged on the short side because of space and components. That’s probably the reason the Pro and the Air still have the front camera on the short side. Because people need to charge the Pencil 2 on the top, when holding the device horizontally (also in combination with the keyboard). I read a lot of reviews and I didn’t hear anyone talking about this possibility. 
  • YouTuber iJustine launches Final Cut Pro X training app for macOS

    anome said:
    I haven't followed her much for a while, but what I remember of her is that she's likable enough, and despite some claims, does actually know a bit about tech. She has released some real clangers on YouTube in the past, but who hasn't? She's still one of the less offensive presences on YouTube, at least by comparison.

    I also think a local company stole one of her pictures from Instagram or somewhere for an ad, which I meant to ask her about, but didn't get round to it.

    As mentioned, she makes (at least part of) her living on YouTube. A lot of these YouTube people really know Final Cut because they have to. Even the ones that farm out their editing and production to an assistant started by having to do it themselves.

    So I guess I'm saying this is a smart move on her part, and on the part of Ripple. I wish them both success.

    As a final note, it's her fault I joined Twitter. She was on Mac Break Weekly after the iPhone announcement in January of 2007, and her phone kept going off, which led to a discussion of Twitter, which was predominantly SMS based at the time, and I joined out of curiosity. And now I'm stuck there, damn her eyes! Obviously, this was before anyone really knew how smartphones were going to affect micro-blogging services like Twitter.
    Very true. She earned her followers during the years. iJustine just makes fun videos for an audience who doesn’t need to dive into really technical stuff. Nothing wrong with that. I saw Linus from LTT set up a server for her and she didn’t pretend to understand every detail about it. She does know what she’s talking about in her videos though and she surely knows how to edit things pretty well for her channel. She’s using FCP for years and her tutorials will help a lot of people to get a good start in video editing. 
  • Samsung removes ads mocking Apple after removing headphone jack

    Samsung’s mocking advertisement has been very lame and cheap to me last years. Everyone knows they stole the whole concept from Apple’s successful “I’m a Mac” campaign. Just endlessly recycling that idea has proven to be a pure lack of creativity.
  • Apple's COO Jeff Williams is unsurprisingly more like Cook than Jobs

    Cook and Williams are talented men doing a great job over there. They still have an incredible team of devoted designers without Ive. I believe Apple has a strong future. And, indeed, Cook surely won’t leave any time soon.