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  • Snoopy watchOS 10 faces spotted in latest beta

    Strange this is being reported now.  I installed the iOS 17 Public Beta 1 on my 14 Pro Max about 2 weeks ago, and with it, I installed the WatchOS 10 beta (21R5305e).  I've had the Snoopy watch face for 2 weeks now.
  • Apple is working to reinvent the seatbelt for the Apple Car

    JP234 said:
    ...The way to do that is to figure out a clever ignition lock-out that won't let the car start until the drive is actually buckled in, not sitting atop a seatbelt.
    I can tell you, Ford actually tried this in the '70's.  My dad's 1974 Ford Pinto had a "Seatbelt Interlock", which required the seatbelt to be attached before the engine would start.  And if the interlock failed, there was a button under the hood that you had to press in order to start the engine.  My dad was one of those types that refused to wear seatbelts.  Not smart, I know, but that's the way he was.  One day he learned how to defeat the interlock, by hooking the seatbelt buckle on the door handle lever.  Doing that pulled the belt out far enough to where the system thought the belt was attached, and the engine would start.

    Don't get me wrong.  I think not wearing a seatbelt is a stupid idea, and I personally choose to wear one.  But forcing people to wear one when they don't want to, that never works.  If they want to live dangerously, fine, let them.  If they don't, they're only endangering themselves.

    And that Ford Seatbelt Interlock?  It only lasted one model year.  By 1975, it was gone.
  • GM ditching CarPlay & Android Auto for Google-built infotainment system

    I can see it now.  I'm in my new GM EV and I want to change the temperature in the cabin.  Tap a "Climate Controls" button, wait for a 15-second ad to play. Tap "A/C", wait through another 15-second ad, tap "Temperature", wait though another 15-second ad, etc.
  • Leaked iPhone 15 Pro images back up solid state button rumor

    I SOOOOO hope not!

    im already accidentally bumping the volume up when watching a movie just by holding the phone. 

    Now I can do it with the grace of my finger? 

    God help us…

    just because you can do something doesn’t mean you should. 

    Agreed 100%.  I really like and use many Apple products, but this just seems like another poor design decision if it's true.  As it is, I can hold my iPhone in landscape mode to watch a video with the top of the phone facing left, and I can feel the volume buttons under my left thumb without actually pressing them. Same if I hold it in landscape mode in the other direction, with the top of the phone pointing right. In that case, I can feel the sleep/wake button under my right thumb without actually pressing it.  Apple is always talking about the "user experience" being Number One, but IF the volume and sleep/wake buttons become capacitive touch buttons, that would be a lousy user experience for me.  And if people complain about it, I can just imagine Apple saying "You're holding it wrong".  😐
  • iPhone 15 Pro Max: What it looks like and when it's coming

    Geez, that camera bump is ridiculously huge!  I mean comically huge!  Ludicrous huge!