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  • Apple's Tim Cook was second highest paid US CEO in 2019

    All on the backs of his H1B slave labor while crushing the American middle class.  
  • Apple still depends on traditional American engineers, and is slowly losing them

    It is not just Apple that is losing key skills. Almost all Engineering and Tech companies who contract out work are doing the same.
    Outsourcing to cheaper locations might be good for the beancounters (note... their jobs hardly ever go overseas) but the skills drain is immense.
    It happened to me twice. The last time I refused to train my Indian replacements. They had two people just to do my job.
    The experiences of the first episode made me think long and hard about training people who really didn't care about the job and who were unable to ask relevant or hard questions for fear of losing face with their boss.

    I have warned my grandchildren away from going into the IT business as there is no future for it in the west.

    What about software engineering?
    Same thing. All being replaced by Indians abroad or here on H1-B visas.
  • Sketchy report claims Apple plans to manufacture iPhone SE in Brazil

    wood1208 said:
    Manufacturing SE in China,India,Brazil doesn't matter; does it ?
    Uh, yeah it does.  China is the largest and most powerful communist country in the world and the biggest threat to the United States by far.  I think it's pretty clear that China is the present day evil empire.  Why would you want any manufacturing by American companies done there at all?  IMHO, we should pull of of China completely.  Would you have wanted American companies to manufacture stuff in the Soviet Union during the cold war?  I don't think so.
  • U.S. Senate, Google ban Zoom days after its launch of 'security council'

    Let me get this straight. The US Senate is using a video conferencing app. which doesn't use end to end encryption and data may travel through China. Epic fail!!!
  • Apple doubles COVID-19 recovery donation in China to more than $7M

    elijahg said:
    Not really sure the Chinese government needs any money to help with the virus. The Chinese government should be compensating other countries for the disaster they have caused. At least some countries are rethinking their ties with China, rightly so.
    No doubt.  They have plenty of money since past corrupt/stupid U.S. Administrations have been so soft on China.  Finally we have one that's willing to stand up for itself.  Remember who owes who over a trillion dollars.  China should forgive the debt to make up for what they did.  Companies like Apple should be ashamed of themselves for supporting our arch enemy which is infinitely more of a threat than the Soviet Union ever was.