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  • Apple Original 'Lessons in Chemistry' set to receive prestigious SOFEE award

    Appleish said:
    Haven't dipped into this show yet. I'm worried because there is not a lot of praise out there. And people who have read the book seem to hate it.

    I'm a big fan of many of the Apple TV+ shows, and I like Larson, but the trailer is not compelling.

    Not sure where you're getting any of that information from.  It's a well-loved book, by any measure (4.4/5 on Apple Books, 4.6/5.0 on Amazon).  It's a NYTimes Best seller.  The only substantively negative reviews are from people who seem to be significantly religious and take offense at it, or those who think it's "man-hating" for showing women being empowered without the help of men.
    I assumed they meant "people who have read the book seem to hate [the show]."

    That said, my mom loved the book and says she likes the show so far. 
  • Steve Jobs wanted Macintosh design to be like the early Beatles

    M68000 said:
    macxpress said:

    M68000 said:
    “Apple is very much a fashion brand” 

    ??????    What ?
    Apple is totally a fashion brand. Its designs speak for themselves as a fashion statement. Even a Mac sitting on a table is I'd say the most elegant looking computer on the market today. Every Mac looks high end now matter how expensive it is. 
    I do not share your belief.  Apple is a great electronics company and certainly a luxury brand.  But,  a fashion company is about what is offered for a person to wear.  Apple does not make luxury clothing as far as i know. 
    You forgot about an entire wearables market complete with straps made by a luxury Parisian fashion house, Hermès. But Apple as a fashion brand is much more than just wearables. Fashion is not just about clothes, it's about personal style and aesthetics. And Apple sells a lifestyle. You can think of an iPhone as an accessory which is an extension of one's personal style. An iMac on a desk says more about a person's style and taste than a generic PC does. The old iPod commercials were very much in line with ads for Nike. There's also a reason why you find Apple stores in places like New York's Fifth Avenue or Soho amongst shops like Chanel, Gucci or Lois Vuitton.

    fashion (n.)

    c. 1300, fasoun, "physical make-up or composition; form, shape; appearance," from Old French façon, fachon, fazon "face, appearance; construction, pattern, design; thing done; beauty; manner, characteristic feature" (12c.), from Latin factionem (nominative factio) "a making or doing, a preparing," also "group of people acting together," from facere "to make" 

  • 'Masters of the Air' WWII miniseries set to debut on Apple TV+ in January

    Looks great!  BoB is a favorite of mine, and it probably was in some part due to the actors — so I hope they found comparable actors for this series.

    I don’t understand why Apple doesn’t go more into dramatizations of historic events.  So much has happened in history, and picking any singular event would be more entertaining than most of the fiction that they churn out (and more educational).
    • WeCrashed
    • Black Bird
    • Five Days At Memorial
    • Napoleon
    • The Big Cigar
    • Chief of War
    • Franklin
    • The New Look
    • Ferrari

  • Philips Hue adds security cameras and announces Matter support

    Philips is not supporting Apple's HomeKit Secure Video service. Instead, buyers must subscribe to a Signify service, starting with the Philips Hue Secure Basic plan for $3.99 per camera, per month.
    Nope indeed! I was immediately uninterested as soon as I read that.
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  • What the iPhone 15 Pro in gray titanium could look like

    It’s a super bland color, yuck. Then again, who cares? Who walks around with a $1200 phone without a protective cover?
    I care. I've never used a case and never will. I've also never dropped or broken any of my phones. It's like those tacky people why buy furniture and keep it covered in plastic. Or people who don't peel the plastic film off a brand new TV because they think it will make the thing last longer. What's the point of having nice things if you're going to cover it up? Take care of your shit and it will last a long time!