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  • iPhone 15 Pro rumored to gain a darker shade of blue

    appleric said:
    I don't understand why the colors matter… Don't we all put cases on these to protect them? I have never seen anyone using a phone without a case. I am sincerely asking help to understand why the color matters.
    Bareback since 2007. Never cracked a screen. Never needed Apple care. 
  • Dark red iPhone 15 Pro, mint green iPhone 15 may land this fall

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    longterm said:
    There is no such color as #4410D0D; if you take off the 1st 4 and look up #410D0D, it does come up with a color that looks plausible.
    Ugh... I'm afraid you're right. So apparently Apple was hellbent on topping Deep Purple as worst Pro color ever (I made the mistake of ordering it, so I know) and it appears from this "Deep Red" color swatch that they've succeeded! It's incredibly muddy looking and barely "red" at all. Why does Apple think a Pro special color has to be boring? We already have some flavor of black, white and gold every year, so if you want a basic conservative color, you're covered. As for the special color, Apple should take a look at the Lamborghini color chart and do something inspired and exciting for a change. Or license the Hermes orange since that business relationship already exists. Something. 

    Well, at least there's one positive to the boring colors--anytime I have trouble falling asleep, I just stare at my Deep Purple iPhone... puts me right out every time. 
    Agree Deep Purple is a really boring color! As someone who doesn't use cases on my phone, I find that the only thing that makes Deep Purple interesting is pairing it with one of Apple's cases... Lilac and Elderberry specifically. I've been tempted so many times to buy one just for the aesthetics. I think I'll be going Space Black this time around.
    I specifically use Apple's clear plastic case so it shows off the pacific blue on my iPhone 12 Pro. If you're just gonna put a non clear case on it then you really shouldn't care too much about what color you get. You'll never see it outside the case anyways. 
    The camera bump allows just enough color to peek through to provide an interesting color combination such as Deep Purple + Lilac. The clear plastic cases are ugly AF, sorry. MagSafe made them even uglier. Both huge reasons why I don't use cases. It's like those people who put plastic covers on their furniture. Tacky!!!

    The point I was trying to make is that these color combinations almost make Deep Purple not boring. And definitely not as unattractive as a clear case!

  • Apple TV+ cancels 'High Desert' after only one season

    JP234 said:
    cpsro said:
    Too bad a show that so thoroughly breaks stereotypes gets cancelled while shows like Succession--loaded with uninspired f-bombs--are so popular and get renewed.  (Yes, I know Succession isn't Apple TV+ and has finally ended.)
    Succession was fucking fantastic. One of the best written shows in memory with excellent acting and effective drama. Swearing is ok because people actually swear. 
    I watched roughly 60 seconds of the first episode of Succession, but I had to quit after the 20th F*&%ty, F*&%ty, F*&%, F*&%, F*&%.
    If you took the F word out of that episode I bet it would have run about 3 minutes.
    Not enough swearing for an accurate depiction of New Yorkers if you ask me. However, The Hallmark Channel is currently showing Christmas movies in July if boring, unrealistic, sugar-coated portrayals of wholesome whitebread is your thing.
  • Dark red iPhone 15 Pro, mint green iPhone 15 may land this fall

    I really wish Sierra Blue was a permanent option. 
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  • Dystopian cat adventure game 'Stray' coming to Mac

    I can't wait to play this with my cat who is obsessed with watching YouTube videos of cats!