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  • Apple Siri Remote now USB-C, as death knell tolls for Lightning

    Looks like apple might be eating crow on this after all, after saying lightening was the last iPhone port. They’re in a damned if you do damned if you don’t situation right now; usb-c makes sense, especially with government regulation overreach, but I remember people were completely freaking out when they switched to the lightening port, to a strange degree. 

    I’m looking forward to the day when we get a slimmer, sleeker phone that’s fully wireless. 
    When did Apple say Lightening would be the last iPhone port?
    When did Lightning get an "E" in it?
  • Netflix ad-supported streaming plan has arrived

    So many Hulu originals (Handmaid's Tale comes to mind) have obvious breakpoints where you can tell where the commercials would have been if you were on the ad-supported plan. This has always made Hulu originals feel cheaper than say HBO, AppleTV+, or even some Netflix originals. Even when the commercials aren't there it feels very much like watching linear TV. That annoys the shit out of me! (Speaking of annoying, thank god Hulu stopped putting logos in the corner of every show!!!)

    What is also annoying is the way YouTube will drop an ad in the middle of a monologue. Just when you least expect it.

    So, I'm curious which approach Netflix will go with since most of their legacy originals do not have defined breakpoints. Will their future programming take ads into consideration in the editing bay? Will the ads be abrupt? All in all, this all feels very much like Netflix is diluting their reputation and it's hard to imagine them continuing to be able to position themselves as some Emmy and Oscar seeking prestige brand. 
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  • Netflix ad-supported streaming plan has arrived

    Limiting it to 720p content makes it much less interesting. 
    It might be interesting to poor people, which is kind of the point.
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  • Get ready to pay to see 4K video on YouTube

    chasm said:
    Spitbath said:
    I don't watch anything on YouTube that I'm dying to see in glorious 4K.
    Our tastes may be different, but I will say that I have found the drone-flyover videos (and some walking tours) of beautiful cities to be far more enjoyable in 4K than 1080p. YMMV, and I am not about to pay for that privilege when there are ads on those videos as it is now, but let’s not throw the babies out with the bathwater.
    Sorry, let me rephrase my original post...

    "I don't watch anything on YouTube that I'm dying to pay money to watch in glorious 4K."

    Yes, 4K drone videos are very cool! I can also find those on Vimeo, which is actually a more appropriate venue to showcase that kind of content.
  • Get ready to pay to see 4K video on YouTube

    I don't watch anything on YouTube that I'm dying to see in glorious 4K.