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  • What you need to run iOS 15 and iPadOS 15

    I am chuffed my 6s is still eligible. I fully expected it, and therefore my series 5 watch which is coupled to it, to be left behind this year unless I upgraded.

    I saw some horrifying stats, from a reliable media source, regarding the emissions and water it takes to create each new smartphone so will hang on to it a little longer given that it works as new and won't hold back my watch.

    Fair play Apple!
    Japhey[Deleted User]watto_cobra
  • M1 iMac, iPad Pro, Apple TV 4K, Airtags: What we bought and why

    Love these articles.

    Interesting to hear what the AI team think about products, even more interesting to peak behind the curtain at what actually works for them (desk set ups for working from home, new purchases etc.) and what they think in relation to their own workflow.
  • The frontrunners for next Apple CEO: Speculating on Tim Cook's successor

    Too far off to tell but the Board will have a succession plan. Currently my money would be on Jeff Williams or someone external, moot point this early though.
  • iMac Pro is 'currently unavailable' from Apple in the US, Canada [u]

    sflocal said:
    I truly think the next iMac will signal an end to internal expansion.  The M1 has the RAM built into the chip.  That was the only think left that was upgradeable on the current iMac.  I don't see Apple moving away from that with future ASi chips.  Current iMac also has the SSD soldered in as well, and even the 4TB-8TB models (I have the 8TB model) the SSD is non-standard, and it shared with a soldered SSD on the motherboard.  

    The ASi iMac will essentially be a gigantic iPad with extra ports and zero ability to upgrade anything internally.  

    I'll say one thing about that... based on the horrible experience I had with my 2020 iMac during its first three months due to faulty RAM (by OWC), I can understand why Apple is going the way of UMA.  Not only will performance be so much better, but gone will be the days of system instabilities due to crappy RAM that was not Apple's fault, yet has to deal with countless service calls and repairs.  I'm sure Apple got fed up with that.

    I wonder how Apple will handle the RAM situation.  It will certainly hurt it Apple charges the crazy-high RAM prices for their ASi systems as they were doing with the Intel versions.  I'm good for at least five years beforeI upgrade my iMac, so it will be interesting to see what Apple does.
    I think you have hit the nail on the head with everything here.
  • Tim Cook profile details Apple's fiscal shift into a '$2.3 trillion fortress'

    MacPro said:
    asdasd said:
    I didn’t like him at first. He’s too much driven by the stock market (I thought) and less into product. 
    So I thought. 

    But now I feel he’s the best CEO since Jobs. And I mean anywhere. Maybe Musk is more innovative but Cook is an incredible operations focussed CEO. And Apple has been extremely innovative under his reign. I can’t imagine the jobs era, had it continued, being better. It would have been different though. 
    I agree with all you say.  Of course, had Steve continued Tim would still have been CFO I have to assume.  So, I think Apple would have still been riding high.
    Tim was COO.