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  • Amazon's HQ2 includes tower with spiraling outdoor walkway

    Eric_WVGG said:
    whoa nelly

    I live on the top of an eleven floor building, and our elevator has been breaking down off and on for years. Walking up eleven flights is rough. Twenty two stories would be a serious no joke hike.

    I suppose when one scaled that recreationally, they could at least leave groceries and their bicycle behind
    I live on the 24th floor and the building only has 2 lifts. When we moved in both broke on the day of our housewarming party. Suffice to say we had some pretty tired out guests!
  • Apple brings next-hour precipitation to Weather in the UK and Ireland

    crowley said:
    I  have both London and Edinburgh as locations in Weather, and Edinburgh gets the next hour precipitation info, while London doesn't  :s
    I am in London and it is showing up for me.

    Also, not sure who took the screen shot in the article but Bath is my hometown. Can’t think why it would be shown in the screen shot but a great choice! 
  • Clear Macintosh Classic prototype surfaces on Twitter

    elijahg said:
    DAalseth said:
    Just spitballing, but I'd love to see Apple release a limited edition Mac Mini in a classic case. M1 Mini guts, a built in 9 inch monitor, but all of the ports on the back so you could drive a couple of big monitors too. The extra space inside would be for slots. Drive slots, card slots, and such to make it a real powerhouse.  

    But tis just a dream...
    That would be pretty awesome. Though I believe Apple is for some reason embarrassed by their past as they very rarely do anything material related to it, apart from the very occasional reference like "hello" on iPad screens and the Mac/PC Switch ad at the end of the M1 presentation. That was the first time in a long time they've referenced their past. The cursive "hello" would have been a nice touch on the M1 Macbooks!  It's a shame Apple does nothing related to the Mac's anniversaries either. The last time they celebrated a milestone with hardware as far as I can remember was the 20th Anniversary Mac.
    They did some stuff for the 30th anniversary of the Mac didn’t they?
  • Doctor credits Apple Watch for saving his life

    spheric said:
    amarkap said:
    chaicka said:

    amarkap said:
    I don't mean to take away from the positive message of this story and I love my Apple Watch as much as the next person.  But in this case, I'm sure I would say it was the Apple Watch that saved this person's life.  Truth be told, he could have done the same with any at-home portable ECG device.  To be honest, I would say that fact that he was an anesthesiologist and his medical knowledge probably saved his life more than anything else.

    Anyway, it is still a positive story and I'm happy he is on the road to good health...and no doubt the Apple Watch is an incredible device whose application far exceeds that of just setting alarms and knowing the time. 
    I think you may have overlook a key point - "during a workout, an ECG is perform" at that exact moment in time. This is extremely useful and important. I have close buddy who suffered heart issue and went through surgery after months of inability for the doctors to diagnose what's wrong. It took the 5th attack of heavy heart pondering symptom which he was finally able to reach A&E within 15-20 mins while the symptom was still occurring for the medical team to finally pick up what is happening and acknowledge there is indeed a serious problem. He went for the first surgery within a short timeframe, and 1-2 months later, a second surgery (cause the doctor worries if his body can take both surgeries done at one go). Unfortunately, this happened before Watch Series 4 was even announced/available, and he was having Watch Series 3 back then.

    To summarise, ECG is mostly only useful when done during symptom happens. This seems to be pretty common knowledge with doctors I have spoken to. Often than not, ECG done during normal times usually do not pick up many of the heart problems/diseases that ain't  having persistent/constant symptom.
    Wow...that was really helpful and informative.  Indeed, I lacked this knowledge when I made the post.  Thank you for taking the time to explain to me.
    Imagine if more people responded to new information like this. So refreshing. 
    Indeed! What a gracious response! 

    The sarcasm, intransigence and vitriol on the internet (and this forum) often makes me close forum tabs and move onto the next story. When I read the above I had to double-take to check it wasn't sarcasm. Very refreshing.
  • Apple leaker suggests 12-inch MacBook refresh could be first ARM Mac

    entropys said:
    Will it have at least two ports though?
    This is my question too. I am not a power user and like small, thin and light technology that is well designed. I am an iPad Air user for instance. I would be all over a 12 inch arm MacBook but I frequently have 2 to 4 peripherals plugged into my current MacBook Pro during the working day. Just one more port would allow me to use an external monitor and one peripheral/the laptop charger without cluttering my desk with a dock or hub, which would be enough. Totally personal use case of course but I expect it would affect a few people.

    I also agree with your statement about the small screens being popular and the price being the issue for the intel 12 inch MacBook. In London I saw plenty of 11 inch MacBook Airs back in the day and plenty of 12 inch MacBooks still. I posit that they would have been more popular if they had not started with a 256 GB SSD (which I think is the correct starting amount of storage but increased the price a lot back then) and so been priced above the old Air.