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  • Compared: 2020 13-inch MacBook Pro versus 2020 MacBook Air

    dewme said:
    I know it’s anecdotal, but when friends with kids heading to college ask me what computer to buy for their kids, when given a choice, the ones who’ve followed my advice of buying a MacBook versus Dell, Acer, HP, etc., have gotten their kids through their entire college career with the one MacBook. Those who chose the non-Apple computers, on average, needed to replace the computer at least once during the same period of time. Totally unscientific, but it seems to me that the MacBooks hold up better over time. Some universities also have mini Apple Stores on campus, which is a big plus. 

    By the way, my choice for a computer I’m lugging around campus would be the Air, hands down. I cannot imagine anything at an undergrad program level, even engineering, physics, chemistry, etc., that would overtax an Air.
    Also anecdotal of course but my friends and I had the same experience... I went through 2 PCs at university on a 3 year course! I have always used PCs and Macs so was easy to change. The 3rd laptop I bought was a MacBook Pro which is still going strong 8 years later!

  • Apple TV with A12X ready to go at any time, claims leaker

    dewme said:
    justinpe said:
    Prediction: The remote will get a U1 chip so you can locate it using the Find My app. 

    I truly understand the sentiment.

    The ATV is a great product but the remote control is a human-factors engineering disaster. You can't really hold it in your hand comfortably because its like trying to drive your pickup truck with a Barbie Car steering wheel. Was it actually designed for Hamster hands? But if you put it down, its slick surfaces and wafer thin profile means it's going to disappear nearly instantly underneath or into something in your TV viewing area or anywhere around your house. When you buy an Apple TV, Apple should send a sales associate over to your house in-advance to pre-hide your ATV Remote somewhere in your house where you'd least expect to find it, like in the cat's litter box, in a diaper (yours perhaps?), or next to the emergency fire extinguisher under the kitchen sink. This would serve as a proper tutorial and training exercise for newbie ATV Remote owners.

    Okay okay, I'll concede that if you actually live in a padded cell, like the designer of the ATV "where the **** is it?" (WTFII) Remote probably does, you should be able to locate it rather quickly, assuming your padded walls and floor are not upholstered in a very dark decor. Mine aren't. But then again, if you do manage to pick it up in an upright orientation in your tiny trumpian hands, there's still a 50-50 chance you're going to be grabbing it by the wrong end and stroking its shiny side and pressing its Pause button whilst nothing responds on your ATV screen. It's a Homer-Doh!-Fest ridiculous excuse for anything that is supposedly designed for use by creatures with fingers and an opposable thumb. Like me.

    The ATV Remote should be inducted into the Apple Design Hall of Shame. It gets my vote. Just put the damn thing in there, but good luck finding it. It's probably hiding under the puck mouse or next to the Newton.

    I have been reading this forum for 10 years and a post has never made me laugh out loud before, let alone twice. Brilliant! 
  • Apple Watch Series 6 may add anxiety monitoring and sleep tracking

    My Apple Watch unfailingly asks "Have you fallen? Are you allright?" every time I applaud at a concert or theatre. So I'm more than skeptical that the watch sensors can monitor "anxiety" in a meaningful way. I imagine any such notification would mainly seem inappropriate and therefore irritating. I also agree that redefining "anxiety" to match the capabilities of the watch is a public relations disaster in the making. I think Apple is smarter than that and that this feature is a baseless rumor.
    I don't mean this in a sarcastic way but do you clap particularly hard or maybe think yours is faulty? I have fall detection on all the time and have only managed to have it ask me once when I was (probably quite 'exuberantly' as it was during a few beers in a pub) repeatedly demonstrating bracing for a fall when skiing. I have never been able to set it off when deliberately trying and have seen a lot of people fail to do the same on YouTube etc.
  • Apple planning on releasing 23-inch iMac, 11-inch iPad Air in 2020

    Wgkrueger said:
    lkrupp said:
    lkrupp said:
    Beats said:
    I love iMacs. Would love to see 1TB SSD standard now. And retina on all models. Maybe smaller bezels but not important.

    We have over $3500 burning a hole in our pocket for a new iMac.
    1. larger size than 27
    2. double the resolution
    3. SSD only

    Larger than 27" and double the resolution? We already have 5k iMacs, doubling the resolution won't make a difference unless you mean very large screens when you mentioned larger than 27”.
    Why do you care if an iMac is not SSD only? People are always harping about choice so why force something you want on a user who doesn’t want or need what you do? Of course you can order an SSD only iMac today so what’s the problem? And double the resolution? The iMac is 5K but you want 10K? How does that even work?
    Non-SSD’s are only good for external storage.  
    Blathering nonsense. Internal spinning hard drives are perfectly fine for most people and it’s why Apple still offers them. You don't need blinding electronic speed to send an email, play some music, and store photos. Yours is the same false argument used by the 5G crowd. Most people don’t need 5G speeds any time soon, especially on a mobile phone.
    I have a perfectly workable 2012 iMac with a HD that’s failing causing the thing to be near worthless. Back then SSD prices made that solution unobtainable. Now the SSD costs are low enough to make SSD only iMacs a long term solution for those that want to send email, play some music, store photos beyond 2028. Seems like a win win

    That iMac will have never run so well....   Best investment ever!
    Did the same last week on my 2012 nRMBP. Thought I was going to throw it out and get a new one. The transformation was something else.

    It is like a new computer and will easily last a couple more years for less than 10% of the cost of a new Mac.

    The HDD was a bottleneck that was holding back otherwise impressive (after all these years) hardware. I agree that the sooner SDDs replace HDDs the better for the average consumer who wouldn't know why their Mac is slowing down and will just blame Apple and/or replace and waste perfectly good computers.
  • A12Z chip in 2020 iPad Pro confirmed to be recycled A12X

    roake said:
    ne1 said:
    So let’s take a poll— who thinks we’ll see 

    A) an iPad Pro Fall 2020 release with A13X
    (And mini-LED, as predicted) 


    B) a next release of iPad Pro in Spring 2021 with A14X?

    I’m curious because I have an upgrade due this fall and, well, quarantine— I’m bored. ;)
    A fall 2020 release is going to piss off the people who purchased the current one.

    I hope it’s a 2021 A14X in a well thought out, much improved platform that the engineers will have been working on for almost 3 years.
    Seconded. I can’t see it this year. They have skipped chip generations for the iPad Pro before and the iPad 3 to iPad 4 move was probably a lesson learned for Apple.