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  • Hands on with LaCie's new USB-C mobile drives designed with the Mac in mind

    I've had so many problems with LaCie drives and such horrible customer support I will never buy another one of their products.
  • Walmart takes on Amazon & Apple with iPhone ebook store launch

    Walmart selling ebooks? That’s something not expected, but given that Apple and Amazon have both been doing it roughly a decade, I don’t think Walmart’s going to sell that much unless they do attract lots of new users.
    Especially since most customers who go to Walmart probably barely read.  See, I kept that nice.  :)
  • Ralph Nader once again assails Apple's stock buybacks

    1983 said:
    Another hard left lanky spewing their ill-informed biased vitriol against a successful ‘Capitalist’ company. I bet like Sanders he thinks the Iranian regime is the bees knees and Socialists should rule the world. I wonder if he’ll agree to appear on Iranian state TV like Britain’s Corbyn was happy to do going on an anti-establishment tirade. Don’t get me wrong I’m no Trump fanboy. The guy’s a douche and a bully. But G.. help the world if as a reaction to Trumps antics, Socialists like Sanders and Corbyn ultimately come to power. It’ll be the 1970s in the UK all over again. Why don’t people vote in experienced normal ‘middle of the road’ politicians anymore? (rhetorical) I know they can be slippery too (politics always has been, it’s the nature of the beast) but at least they’re not fanatics. The larger the middle-class (socio-economically that is) the more stable and tolerant a society is. That’s historically just how it is, and that hasn’t changed no matter what the hard-left and hard-right are trying (with scary success it increasingly seems) to convince everybody into believing. 
    America had the largest middle class and was most successful from the 50's to the70',s when union membership was it's highest and companies actually paid taxes.  People like Nadar and Sanders are democratic socialists and want exactly that.  Maybe you aren't actually listening to that they're saying?

    I don't think anyone wants actually soclialsm, which is just a BS scare tactic word thrown around by the right wingers, they just want us to get back to a world where we have exactly those things listed above, which you apparently agree with.  This country has gone was too far to the right.  Right now 6 people own as much wealth as half of the entire USA. 
  • iPhone could be hit by incoming $500B U.S. tariff threat on Chinese imports

    Pres. Trump previously assured Cook that Apple would not be part of any tariffs. And the Chinese government would be fools to retaliate using Apple as an example. Apple employs tens of thousands of Chinese workers there.
    Why should Apple be exclusively spared when others aren't?
  • Judge rules AT&T can complete $85B acquisition of Time Warner

    lkrupp said:
    Great news! First the government over-regulation by so-called net neutrality bites the dust, now vertical merger of AT&T and Time Warner. Good for the economy, good for investors, good for customers, good for innovation. And it was all political from the beginning. Trump urged the DOJ to sue over this merger because he hates CNN. I know all you free trade haters want the government to control and regulate your very lives but you’ll have to wait awhile. Freedom lives for now.
    Yeah, the freedom to get screwed.  Great.