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  • Apple has long-term plan, is working on products 'way out in the 2020s'

    I get what he's saying but hate that he feels the need to virtue signal to socialists in society by saying Apple isn't in it for the money. Apple only could have flourished in a pro-business country without the government dictating all its choices. They should be proud of their products and profits because they can bring us NEW wonderful products, employing 100's of thousands of people with good wages and support 100's of thousands of people & businesses who are effected by their ecosystem.
    What a strange comment.

    Firstly many of the companies Apple employs overseas are known for having terrible work conditions with low pay.
    2nd, without all the safety nets, military support, tax breaks, etc Apple probably would not be where they are.
    They, along with all multi-billion dollar American businesses have a huge advantage from our Middle class funded support and bought and paid for government.

    I do agree with you they are definitely in it for the money, which is fine, but not at the expense of people's lives or destruction of the planet. 

    AirunJae[Deleted User]argonaut
  • Amazon set to launch own delivery service, competing with UPS & FedEx

    metrix said:
    I am still upset that they destroyed all book stores so going to avoid them. 
    I kinda of agree.  Now that they dont have the tax benefit working for them it seems their prices aren't what they used to be. 
    Seriously what does Amazon do?  They are just a giant middle man.  That's it. 
  • President Trump mentions Apple's pending US investment in State of the Union address

    Of course he does.  He needs to take credit for anything to stoke his ego, even though all of this money was already earmarked to be spent on regular employees, etc in the first place. 

    Where are the ACTUAL jobs?  From what I've read Apple will now spend HALF of what it did last year on taxes, which is already a joke.

    I love Apple products but give me a break.
  • Protests mount online and offline over impending FCC Net Neutrality vote

    kent909 said:
    If you don't like the product they want to sell you then don't buy it. Would you buy a car from a company if you knew sometimes or on some roads is would not go over 20 miles an hour. So the only effective recourse we have is to not buy the product. As impractical or unfeasible that may be.  Welcome to Capitalism at it's best.
    Crony capitalism created so-called “Net Neutrality”. That’s not real competition. Getting rid of this rubbish will bring back competition.
    HAHA!  You have to be kidding right?
  • Uber adds live location sharing to app, plans to deploy 24,000 self-driving Volvo SUVs

    I will no longer use Uber after finding out how horrible of a company they are.