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  • Qi and Magsafe - Everything an iPhone user needs to know about wireless charging

    morganhighley said:
    ...Apple is blaming Volvo and Ford/Lincoln, while Volvo and Ford/Lincoln blame Apple. All claim to be Qi-compliant.
    Automakers are idiots.  They do nothing to future-proof their vehicles.

    My guess (just a guess) would be the phone sits ether too low or too high on the charging location... so the coils don't line up close enough... but since it's more vertical, there's no other way to position it properly... (you can always tweak the phones position  on a horizontal charging pad).  That would certainly be a failure in the design of the car... its inability to accommodate different phone sizes... not Apple's "fault".
  • Which iPhone model can take a photo of a 1 cm spider spinning its web in gust wind at 5+ km/h?

    Consider shooting the subject matter at a higher frame rate.
    For a photo???  isn't the frame rate always "1" for a photo? 
  • macOS 11.0.1 beta files hint at three unreleased Macs

    Eric_WVGG said:
    why on earth would they release a high-performance ARM 24" iMac when all anyone buys are 27" models*? ...

    * yes, I know, they sell a lot of 24"s to schools

    I wondered the same thing.  Maybe they're intentionally selling to the smaller market initially... they KNOW there will be some version 1.0 bugs in this... maybe they just want to get it out in the wild with a smaller footprint... get version 1.1 in place, and then release the 27".
    (Total speculation, of course... I know nothing.)

    I'm also not sure how many they sell to schools anymore... all the schools I've seen lately seem to be going the way of the laptop or tablet form factor.
  • Apple releases HomePod software update 14.1 with Intercom

    cpsro said:
    I use my old HomePod mostly for listening to streaming news radio (e.g., NPR), but I hardly use it at all due to highly annoying thumps from wind buffetting and people speaking too closely to their mic or without an adequate pop filter. I am astounded Apple overlooked this awful downside to enhancing/passing extreme bass. Users should be able to turn it off. I bought one HomePod and will never buy another until this is fixed.
    Sooooo .... you think it's Apples problem to fix shitty production values of someone else's podcast???
  • Apple seemingly discontinues Apple TV 'Remote' app

    Ladue70 said:
    Function 101 button remote is far superior.  The easy 15 second replay is worth the cost of admission!  I rarely used the voice option, but the original Apple remote can still be used if needed.
    It's a nicer remote... (the buttons)... but it is IR only, and doesn't do Siri.
    None of my Apple TV's are sitting out in the open for line-of-sight to work with an IR remote. The RF functionality of the Apple remote is worth the other hassles. (For me.)