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  • Apple resurrects MagSafe branding for line of iPhone 12 accessories

    I use the Scosche magnetic mount in car and have the steel plate attached to the inside of the iPhone case. Great setup, stealthy (you don't see the plate inside the case) and the Scosche magnetic mount keeps the iPhone in place as I drive. But the steel plate keeps my iPhone from charging when placed on a wireless charger.

    Any idea if the new MagSafe cases would work with the Scosche mounts (and I could lose the steel plate)? Or maybe Belkin or Scosche or others plan to create a magnetic mount for the car that locks onto the iPhone MagSafe case? 
    I came into this thread with exactly the same question... I LOVE the Scoshe Magnetic mounts in my cars... so easy to flip the phone onto them and it stays put!... On my iPhoneX, I found if I used the smaller plate and put it against the bottom of my case, I could still use a wireless charger :) .... but it would be nice to have the phone work with the mount without gluing that plate to it!
    I don't think we'll know for sure until the phone is actually in someone's hand that can test it... I don't see Apple answering our question. :smile: 

    But, as you alluded,  I'm certain someone else (if not Scoshe) will make a vehicle mount that will work with it... just a matter of time.
  • Imminent iMac launch rumors doubted by prominent leaker

    lkrupp said:

    I want to become a “prominent” leaker.

     Just wait... it's an age-related thing ... one day you will be. :)
  • Apple advises against MacBook camera covers due to display cracking

    netrox said:
    Because the display is really thin and it's actually a miracle that they manage to put a functional camera in it. I don't think there's enough room to put a slide. 

    So.... form over function. 

  • Netflix says Apple TV+, others to accelerate transition away from traditional TV

    The headline is, i think, accurate... Its been a couple years, but i already dropped "cable TV" in favor of streaming TV (via Hulu in my case)... still get local channels... pretty much the same service for the same price, but better reliability.  And I have several neighbors that have done the same recently.
    (If we old folks are doing it now, then the cable TV business is on it's last legs.)

  • Microsoft Store loses eBook sales fight, will refund users & delete books in July

    THIS is why DRM is a bad idea. (Yes, I know they're refunding people... but still... now they have to go re-buy something?, possibly at a higher price?... if it's even still available?)
     I love the "ephemeral" (nod to dysamoria) digital media... but once I pay for it, I make a point of having a DRM free version of it.