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  • Boeing 737 Max pilots didn't have flight simulators, and trained on iPads instead

    ... I dont want to fly on a plane that is inherently unstable by design, as this one is, and requires software to ensure it remains in the air...

    It's not unstable. (by design or otherwise.) The airplane is controllable and capable of flying with no electrical power at all.
    Software is not required to ensure it remains in the air. (That statement would be valid for an Airbus.... you should avoid flying on them.)
    The MCAS is in place to make the airplane "feel" nearly identical to the NG version of the plane (something it does surprisingly well!)... so that minimal training would be required to transition between the NG and MAX versions of the airplane. (This MCAS is not related to what you were comparing it to in modern fighter aircraft.)
    The airplane would fly and perform just fine without MCAS, but would "feel" differently than older versions from a pilot's perspective. 
  • Here are the vehicles and receivers with Apple CarPlay announced in 2018 & 2019

    knowitall said:
    I’m ‘using’ carplay a half year now on my Peugeot 2008 (not on the list by the way, but I know US drivers miss out the best cars in the world).
    Unfortunately carplay is more of a gimmick than someting functional, even the icons are big and rendered in a coarse way (very unlike anyting Apple).
    The super paternalistic mode (couldn’t find a way to turn that off) is totally unworkable. I couldnt even read my whatsapp messages, instead boring cumbersome Siri took over...
    I'm going to guess that your "paternalistic" problem is a problem with Peugeot's implementation... since CarPlay in my Ford is fully functional when my vehicle is stopped (doesn't even have to be in Park).
    I don't really WANT you to be able to stare at the screen to read WhatsApp... I want you paying attention to the road.
    The buttons are "big" to make them easier to use in a moving vehicle... easy to find without having to divert too much attention from the road.
  • It's been years,

    I don’t recognize your name, but looks like you were posting here at least 5 years after I was here. Why did you leave?
    Possibly because it got boring. :) ...  Like Trumptman said above, the site used to be a lot more "useful" (and more exciting).
  • Fifth-generation iPad mini coming in the first half of 2019, says Taiwan suppliers

    I'd buy a new Mini ... the 4 is just barely able to run the app i want it for... so i bought a 9.7... but it's just to big for where I use it.  I really want an up-to-date Mini.

  • Facebook enabled Apple devices to obfuscate data sharing from users, report says [u]

    MplsP said:
    ... That would probably negate the national debt.
    Someone has no idea just how high our national debt is.