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  • Phil Schiller warns third-party app stores are a risk to iPhone users

    Funny thing is that where I live, the government is actively urging people to only get apps from the Apple App Store and the Google Play Store. There has been a tremendous amount of financial fraud through malicious APKs on Android. Most of the victims are housewives, retirees and other less tech savvy users. The banking apps have mandatory functionality added on Android to check for presence of malware and the banking app fails to launch if it detects questionable 3rd party installed applications (some of them are actually not malicious). These 3rd party side-loaded apps (installation is done through a web link which the user accepts) are then able to run the banking app in the background (login and password recorded by screen/keyboard intercept) and intercept 2nd factor authorisation and sms and in-app notifications. The fraud is completely done in the background but to the bank appears as a valid transaction by the account holder.

    I wish the EU good luck with managing malware and financial fraud at a large scale.

  • Data about Apple's AR headset screens has been leaked

    The screens don’t compete with daylight in a closed environment if the daylight is managed via cameras piping in an AR feed from the outer portion of the headset. 

    But this makes great sense if it’s using a glasses/sunglasses form factor. 
    What he was saying that the high nits are needed to prevent artefacts and blurring in normal VR and that is because the display is only on for 10% of the time. To if you have 100 frames per second, each frame is 10ms. Of the 10ms, the first 1ms the image is on at 5000 nits. The remaining 9ms the image is off. It will not go black immediately, but by the time the next frame comes, it will be fully off (it had 9ms to decay to black) and therefore there are no artefacts and blurring in the next image. The eye will see that as an image of 500 nits. If you have a brighter image (e.g. 10,000 nits), you can have only 5% duty cycle and still see this as a 500 nits image. 
    This will have a positive impact on battery life: a 5000 nits display continuously on will take less than 10 times the energy of a 500 nits display continuously on. So if this factor is 2x, then a 5000 nits image displayed at 10% on duration will take on 20% of the energy of a 500 nits image displayed at 100% of the duration.
  • Belkin has a Continuity Camera MagSafe Mount for monitors now

    I’m seeing $39 not $29 on the US store. 
    Yesterday it was $29 and not available for sale. Today it is available for order but $39.
  • iPhone 14 may still use A15, Pro models move to A16 says Ming-Chi Kuo

    This does not seem to make sense: using 2 different processors complicates engineering, increases SW effort and complicates the supply chain. It seems to me a very un-Apple move. All that for a tiny cost saving and a marketing nightmare.
  • Compared: New 2022 iPad Air vs 2020 iPad Air

    I have an iPad Air 4 and see no reason to upgrade. The only big deal is that colours are nicer. My iPad is WiFi only, the front camera is hardly used and I don't experience any real world issues with the A14 Bionic. 

    If I needed a new iPad, this one in blue would be the one to get, but for me, upgrading from an iPad Air 4 to 5 makes no sense.