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  • Peloton appoints new CEO, announces layoffs of 2,800 employees

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    So prior to the cuts Peleton has over 10,000 employees?  If that’s the case they’re beyond bloated.  There are successful EV startups that have fewer employees than that.  This is just a dumb bike with some app and personal trainers, not exactly rocket science.

    Even if the article means to say 2800 remain that’s still a ton of overhead, for what??
    That's a lot of odd statements. Because there are successful EV startups with fewer employees anyone who has more than the lowest has too many? are you aware that startups have few employees than established companies? Are you aware that Peloton does more than "dumb bikes"? How many employees did Amazon and Google have when they were just an online store and just a search engine?
    Agreed, but I also think they were likely overstaffed. 
    10,000 employees and 4B turnover? That is a very much overstaffed. They are having $400k turnover per employee. Benchmark is $1-2M per employee. Compare with Google: 156,000 employees and $257B turnover for $1.6M per employee. Apple: 154,000 employees and $365B turnover for $2.4M per employee.
  • M1 Macs not enabling Retina mode with certain monitors, developer says

    brockgs said:
    I just finished exhaustively testing everything from some old 1080p monitors up to my 4k and 5k norming every day monitors, culminating in my Samsung Oddysey G9 monitor (49" UltraWide 5120x1440) and can't say I've seen the problem except when using "older" cables from a couple years ago. For example, initially when connecting my 16" M1 Max MBP to the monitors, using HDMI cables, yes, there were definitely fewer resolution options and fewer refresh rate options. When I purchased a $30 USB-C to DisplayPort cable off of Amazon, suddenly I saw and had access to every resolution my PC testing workstation saw and I was able to run that monster 49" screen at max resolution, 120Hz without a hitch. I won't claim to have an amazing database to reference for this, but I can say with 100% certainty that ensuring you are buying new, HIGH QUALITY, cables, and using either direct USB-C, Thunderbolt, or DisplayPort connections on monitors will always give you the same and often far greater options and quality. :-)

    Here's a link to a little graphic I created over a Flight Sim forum a couple weeks back where I was starting to help people understand the performance of the M1 and M1 Max and monitor resolutions...etc
    I have seen the same with a 2021 MBP 16" M1Pro. I had huge problems connecting to a relatively new mid-range 1080p monitor. The built-in HDMI did not work, 3 separate USB-C/Thunderbolt to HDMI converters did not work. In the end changing the HDMI cable fixed the problem.
  • Apple patched an iOS lock screen bypass without crediting its discovery

    So what if it was reported earlier by some else as a bug or vulnerability?

     "The researcher did not disclose the vulnerability to Apple prior to going public, saying at the time that he was "giving away" the exploit in hopes of shedding light on problems related to the tech giant's Bug Bounty Program." 

    My reading of this: he tried to report, but was not the first and therefore could not claim the bounty. Not every "researcher" is running their own YouTube channel. Most will be working for companies which do not allow their staff to run to the media to claim publicity.

    Even if he was the first to discover, the problem for Rodriguez was that the moment he placed it on Youtube, he lost any IP rights. The video itself is copyrighted but the knowledge inside is now made public. Everyone can use it without needing to credit and this includes Apple.
  • LG reneges on AirPlay 2 and HomeKit for 2018 TVs

    entropys said:
    Did LG actually promise these features for 2018 models at release, or was that a more recent thing they should have kept mum about? 

    I have a 2018 LG TV and it was never advertised, promised or anything else. Nowhere in the documentation, website or press releases it was listed and I never expected it.

    I have never seen a promise until about a month ago when some sites claimed out of nowhere that it was now available.

    If they found a way to add it it would have been nice and appreciated, but not having it does not bother me because it was never supposed to be able to do so in the first place.
  • NTSB lays partial blame on Apple for fatal Tesla crash involving employee

    The comments made don't understand at all what NTSB is referring to. It has nothing to do with the iPhone and nothing to do with technology.

    Every company has to have Occupational Health and Safety procedures. If you work in an office based environments, one of the biggest risks for the employee is actually the commute to and from work. From an OHS point, responsibility for an employee starts when they leave home and ends when they arrive back home. This is not a legal responsibility but an OHS best practice. Companies with a strong safety culture, for example big multinationals like ExxonMobil, recognise that and in their internal health and safety training of their employees includes the commute to and from work. My previous company had a ban on calls while driving, even on hands-free, mandated minimum safety features in company owned cars (which was a problem in India) and all employees who drove on average more than 20 hours/month for business related purposes needed to go for safe driving courses every 2 years.

    What the NTSB comments on is that commute to and from work is not included in OSH risk assessment for employees in the Apple OHS system. And that is a very valid feedback and I am 100% sure that the feedback is being implemented.

    The fact that a lawyer will most likely exploit this for a lawsuit is a legal problem and not an NTSB problem.