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  • Apple promises 'scary fast' Mac announcement the night of October 30

    eightzero said:
    I'm all for choices and options. I am sure these new "scary fast" macs will be important to many people. And at some point in the future, I know I will benefit from them as I replace my gear. But...I have abandoned the iMac line, after using many many iterations of it, in favor of a third party 4k display and mac mini that serves my present needs. I am not a "pro" user and what I'd really like is a reliable, easy to use home desktop computer for simple, everyday tasks. 

    Apple does not make devices that appeal to low cost consumers. If you want a simple desktop computer, the mac is not for you. I do like the interoperability between the varied devices, so one intriguing possibility is that Apple does make a more versatile and affordable monitor "system" that can display, on a desktop, content from any source - iPhone, iPad, legacy devices like a mac mini, or...straight from internet sources, and just skip any local processing or storage.  

    I would disagree with some of what your saying.

    First, there are a still a ton on Intel Macs out there where an upgrade to M2 or M3 (we assume) will make a huge difference in performance and capability for even average computer users.  I see many 2014, 2015, 2016 MacBooks being upgraded.  
    Second, as far as low cost... true, the least expensive M2 MacBook Air is $1099 and you can find PC's a lot less than that.  But how long is that PC going to last?  Three years?  Four years?   That M2 or M3 Air will almost certainly go seven or eight years for the non-pro user.  So they have a large expense at the outset, but over time, they are saving money.   That was true with my first iMac in 2012- it cost me easily $1200 more than a PC, but it lasted seven years.  I was needed to upgrade PCs every two to three years. 
    Third, "If you want a simple desktop, the Mac is not for you."   No.  Seriously, no.  The Apple user interface is by far better than anything Windows can offer and dealing with settings is most certainly better.   

    Finally, as far as using a Mac mini or Mac Studio with an external monitor- that is absolutely a great choice for a lot of people.  I do wish the Studio Display just wasn't so expensive. 
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  • Apple's new iCloud+ big data plans start at $30 per month for 6TB

    What I really wish they did as well, was to have a 1TB plan for let's say, $4.99 or $5.99.   Going from 200GB to 2TB is quite a leap.
  • China government iPhone ban will have almost no effect on sales, says analyst

    Another item left out of the story:

    Even if this alleged ban in China costs Apple a few hundred thousand phone sales, how many of them will be made up in the newest big market: India?   This is the first launch where Apple has a real presence in that country:  web, stores (okay, just two of them..for now), and production.

    My bet- in a few years, India will be buying more iPhones than China regardless of what the Chinese government says or does.
    Bart Ytmay
  • New 'Ted Lasso' shortbread cookies let fans experience biscuits with the boss

    maltz said:
    You had me at 'Ted Lasso' shortbread cookies...

    Then lost me at $30+shipping (and taxes?) for a box of 10!  Holy crap.

    (But looking over the rest of the site, it does seem to be about par for the course - if not on the cheaper side.)

    I was seriously prepared to immediately order some to put out at in my work break room...where let's say everyone has a bit of a vested interest in Ted Lasso.... but not at that price. 
  • YouTuber converts Apple Watch to run mechanically

    I think this was incredible.   Of course, the amount of work it took is insane, but his talent to accomplish such a task are off the charts.  

    The final product looks like a cross between an Apple Watch and a classic Rado watch with just two hands on a blank black dial.