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  • Elon Musk again claims one day Tesla will get bigger than Apple is today

    First, it really is a bit ridiculous for a company official to make statements like that on earning report.

    Second, what is really the future for Tesla?

    Here's my two cents:

    There is no doubt the company was a trailblazer in electric cars.  They really showed the world that an EV with a decent range was possible for a price that not only the super rich could afford.  With that in hand, Tesla grew and grew.  They were the EV company.

    But things are starting to change. 

    Competition:  Ford, GM, Kia, Volkswagen, etc have the money and are starting to produce EVs that are more affordable than a Tesla.  I always thought my next car was going to be a Model Y.  But since it first came out, the price has soared.  I can no longer afford such a car.   On the road, I'm starting to see Rivians.  Today, I saw a Lucid.  I've seen more Ionic EVs than I can count.  Sure, there are still more Teslas out there, but the landscape is changing.   

    Quality control:  In the rush to build as many cars as possible, I read reports all over the place of quality issues with Teslas.  I'm not talking about not ready for prime time software, I mean body panels that don't fit well; paint jobs that are below standard, etc.   That is not a way to attract customers

    Finally, Musk himself.  Sure, there are people who love the brash, no hold barred CEO, but many people do not like it.  His possible purchase of Twitter is truly rubbing a lot of people the wrong way.   There is no doubt it is turning off at least some customers.   

    I doubt Tesla will go out of business or see its stock fall to $50, but overtake Apple in market cap.   Unless something major happens, I just do not see how that is even remotely possible.  
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  • Zuckerberg really wants iPhone users to shift to WhatsApp

    Sure, let me turn all my text messages over to Meta.  Sounds just fine.   
  • Compared: Parallels Desktop 18 vs VMWare Fusion

    JP234 said:
    It mystifies me as to why anyone would want to run Windows on a Mac, silicon or otherwise. Sure you can do it, but in the words of my late mother, "JP, just because you CAN do something doesn't mean you SHOULD." Mom was wise.

    With Windows PCs available for next to nothing, both new and refurb, with Windows pre-installed (you know Windows is not included with either emulator, right?), please, someone provide me with justification for not just buying a cheap PC to run your QuickBooks Pro, or some other application not available on MacOS?
    The simple reason is that there are some programs on the Windows platform that are better than the Mac version.  For me, that program is Quicken.  The Mac version is okay, but instead of taking a perfectly good program (the Windows one) and converting it over to MacOS, they decided to reinvent the wheel and some of it just simply sucks.  I use both, but where I use the Windows version everyday, the Mac version is one I update just every month or so.
    The other program that I find to have handy is, believe it or not, WordPerfect.  I used it for years (like since 1987) before being forced into Word by work.  To this day, I feel it is a superior program to Word, and Corel does not make any Mac software.  So Parallels is very important part of my iMac.  Having 64GB of RAM makes it pretty easy to use as well. 
  • Japan finally hopes to ditch floppy discs 24 years after Apple did

    MplsP said:
    I work in healthcare and most physicians still carry a pager. For their purposes they are in many ways superior to other methods. Our hospital also has devices called Voceras - they’re small devices you can clip to your scrubs that have a speaker and a microphone and can be used to communicate with other staff. The physicians I know all hate them and prefer their pagers. Sometimes newer is not better. 
    Now, if they just make it look like this:  :D

  • Apple takes down online Apple Store for 'updates' [u]

    Roderikus said:
    If you can’t maintain a virtual store while upgrading, you shouldn’t be in the online business.
    You have no idea how Apple works.  Having the store "down" is a marketing ploy.  They know very well people and a lot websites just like this one are watching.  So when the store goes back up, everyone is looking for what's new.

    In short, "We'll be right back." drives traffic when they do get back.  
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