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  • Apple's Studio Display uses a unique power connection, but don't pull it out

    In a world where sustainability is a factor, this feels like a design failure, although I obviously understand a cluncy ‘default’ connector isn’t an option. 
    Making this non-removable is terrible in professional settings demanding unique setups, and requiring Apple to fix issues with a tool like that feels completely backwards.

    I’m not an expert, but why couldn’t this be powered USB-C?

    The power transformer is situated inside the unit, and requires mains power.
    USB-C is low voltage, and not rated anywhere near the 120 Volts (or 240 Volts in Europe) that comes out of a mains power socket unfortunately. 

  • Apple announces 'Tap to Pay', lets users take payments on iPhone

    hmlongco said:
    Nice, but whatever happened to the tap to transmit contact information feature?
    Was that ever a thing on iOS? 
    I had an app called Bump on my first iPhone (3Gs), where you could tap your iPhone on another iPhone to send your contact information between devices. 
    I’ve just Googled it and it was acquired by Google and discontinued on iOS. 
  • A tiny chip makes third party iPhone 13 screen repairs nearly impossible

    I’ve had every iPhone. Smashed my iPhone 11 Pro Max display and Apple repair quoted as £316.44. 
    Replaced it myself with a display from replace base for £99 however True Tone was disabled as a by product of this.
    This year, for the first time ever, I have forked out for Apple Care + with theft loss with my iPhone 13 Pro Max for £239. If I need a new display it will be £25. This is cheaper than a display repair of £316.44.
    They have me over a barrel, my pants are down and I’m taking it, and they know it. 
    I’m going to hold on to this device for many years now. Gone are the days of me upgrading every year.

  • Facebook's Nick Clegg says Apple privacy moves are 'commercial land grab'

    Nick Clegg was the Deputy Prime Minister of the UK, elected on the back of him promising not to increase tuition fees for university students, and then voting FOR an increase once elected. He knows what double standards are as he’s an expert in them. Well placed working for Facebook or whatever they’re called these days. 
  • What you need to know about Apple's MagSafe Battery Pack

    These wireless chargers seem very inefficient. A 15W charge requires a 20W charger?
    just plug it in instead. It’s quicker too.