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  • Apple kept iMessage off Android to lock users in to iOS

    The only reason I have WhatsApp is to receive messages from my friends and family that are stuck on Android and set up WhatsApp groups. 
    If iMessage was available on Android then I’d be able to get rid of WhatsApp. 
    iMessage isn’t the reason people stay with Apple (or even come to Apple). There would be no one jumping ship if they released an Android version. 
  • Mark Zuckerberg says 'competitive interests' drive Apple's push for privacy

    I don’t trust Zuckerberg, so even if he speaks the truth I can’t believe what he says. He may be right or he may be lying. I don’t know. 
  • Two different folding iPhone prototypes allegedly pass first quality checks

    I’m sorry to say I’m not excited about a folding phone. I never liked flip phones and am so happy with the current iPhone I can’t see myself choosing a foldable phone ever when the likes of the current iPhone pro max models are so good. 
  • iPhone 12 '5G' indicator denotes best available connection

    I remember back in the day when my iPhone 7 was the latest handset it would always revert to 3G with every phone call and go back to 4G afterwards. I took it to the Genius Bar but they didn’t see it as a problem even though they could repeat the issue every time. 
    Maybe this reverting down to the slower bandwidth isn’t something new for iPhones - a 3G voice call is perfectly good quality on a 4G capable handset, so likewise a 4G voice call will be good enough on a 5G handset (I doubt you could even hear the difference in call quality).
    It would be nice if Apple would clarify how it works rather than the phones behaviour raising suspicions to the more tech savvy users and then rumours circulating on forums such as this one. 
  • Apple stops shipping 5W power adapter, EarPods with any iPhone order

    In the keynote Apple said they have shipped 2 Billion chargers so far, so by not shipping a charger will reduce the carbon footprint - fair enough, most people have standard USB chargers at home anyway, but by shipping new phones only with a USB-C cable, those ubiquitous chargers aren’t USB-C so $$$$ for Apple selling a USB-C charger with a percentage of purchases (and there goes the so called carbon footprint 🤔).