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  • Sabrent's new Rocket Nano SSD is smaller than a credit card

    rob53 said:
    1500 MB/s read and write or just read? This speed matches TB speed on an entry-level interface. I'd like to see independent tests actually show this speed on a Mac. PC tests don't count with specialized I/O boards. 
    yup. will be a < 1,000MB/s (10Gbps) drive on all Macs, since USB 3.2 Gen2x2 isn’t in any Apple devices. Not a bad price for what it is, sounds like a PCIe 3.0 NVMe SSD inside. Appleinsider shouldn’t just post a press release as a news item without even giving it the slightest bit of Apple context though (ie ignore the Gen2x2 claims.)
  • Meross launches its first Matter smart plug with 50% discount

    netrox said:
    Requires WiFi? No thanks. WiFi consumes a hundred times more power and it makes no sense to waste so much energy when Thread is up to a thousand times more power efficient. ... That's why I only get Thread devices from Eve and hope to see more competition for Thread-enabled devices. 
    For what it's worth, I've been using Meross HomeKit smart plugs over wifi for 2 years and have found them very reliable. For example my refrigerator is powered through a Meross plug, buried behind the fridge, surrounded by a cabinet, and it's never failed to respond to commands. I have it on a daily routine in the Home app to temporarily turn off the fridge for silence at bedtime, and turn it back on a couple hours later. (I live in a studio apartment and I'm sensitive to noise.) I was nervous at first that a failure would cause all my food to spoil, but it's never happened once.

    My setup is an Apple TV 4K on ethernet as the HomeKit hub, 2.4G and 5G wifi networks with the same SSID name, 425 ft2 studio apartment in a 14-story building of about 250 units.

    What Thread smart plugs are available if someone didn't want a wifi plug?
  • Apple iPad smart home hub dock rumored to be coming soon

    please lord make this true! long have I dreamed of this…
  • Flaw in macOS Archive Utility let attackers bypass Gatekeeper

    About the article, I always disable the Safari setting 'Open "safe" files after downloading' - I am shocked that Apple would have any default setting that allowed random things downloaded from the internet to be automatically opened! File downloads can easily happen without the user realizing. I don't know if that would mitigate this particular vulnerability, but I would definitely recommend that everyone disable that Safari option.
  • Flaw in macOS Archive Utility let attackers bypass Gatekeeper

    Paul_B said:
    This application called Console provides everything the Operating System is rendering - Their is no privacy - How many times do I have to post the same comment?
    Command-Space type Console.

     Hi Paul, the Console is a normal part of every operating system, it's a place where you can see your computer's "inner monologue" shall we say, the countless little status updates that all the background processes are generating behind the scenes. No need to worry about this, it's not a secret and it's not a security risk. Here's some articles about the Console that will hopefully put your mind at ease. :smile: