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  • Apple Watch Ultra debuts as a giant & rugged titanium model

    egold44 said:
    melgross said:
    I ordered the Ultra watch, but already it’s at October 20th earliest. I had some odd problem with Apple Pay, which wanted to buy it with Apple Cash, which I don’t have since I buy with my Amex card, which wasn’t enabled oddly. I had to go and fill in the security code. But it still did t recognize it, so I had to buy it without Apple Pay directly through the Amex card, which Apple does have on file. That wasted several minutes. Darn! When I first tried to order it was early October. I lost almost two weeks because of that snafu.

    I really could have used the when I was scuba diving. My Omega was nice for the time, but it did t tell you much.
    I ordered Ultra at least an hour+ after store accepted preorders and my receipt says 9/23 delivery, so maybe watch band option is delaying yours? (I ordered midnight “Ocean.”)
    The watch band made the difference for the delivery dates.  I ordered mine 2 hours after the keynote and I was trying to decide between two bands.  One had a mid-October date and the other had Sept 23rd.  Made my choice easy.
  • Brazil orders Apple to pay iPhone buyer $1,000 for not including charger

    Stupid lawsuit.  Apple made it clear that the phone doesn't come with a charger, you have the option not to buy the phone.  I could see and issue if they led you to believe the charger was included.   And why is the compensation not just the cost of the charger if that is the issue.
  • Second class action suit targets Powerbeats Pro battery life, charging issues

    Had the same issues with inconsistent changing as well.  I cleaned the contacts on the case and headphones with electrical contact cleaner and the charging issues have been resolved for about a year now.  Since cleaning them I also wipe off any sweat from the headphones after my workouts before putting them in the case.
  • Apple Watch glucose & blood pressure sensors still years away

    sflagel said:
    A glucose monitor would be fantastic. A vibrate or beeping when insulin levels spike would deter a to of people from eating excessive carbs and sugar.

    As more and more research shows, once you are overweight, your body will fight tooth and nail to keep it by swiping down your metabolism PERMANENTLY, even after you gain your lost weight back. The only way to be healthy is to stay healthy and a glucose monitor can do wonders for this.

    Except that Type 2 diabetes is caused by animal fat -- either the type you eat or that which you wear.  Avoiding carbohydrates is merely treating the symptoms -- as is taking your doctor's pills.  Treating those symptoms is important, but ultimately fruitless because the disease itself chugs along just fine.

    Those who eat healthy, fiber filled diets either do not gain weight  or, if they are overweight, they usually lose the fat when they start eating healthy.  Unfortunately, most Americans think eating healthy means only two slices of pizza and a 12 ounce CocaCola.  Then, once their microbiome is totally trashed and they're coming down with the Standard American Diseases from their Standard American Diet, they blame it on "age" or "metabolism".

    In America, its normal to sicken and die from our normal lifestyle.
    Type 2 diabetes is not caused by animal in anyway what so ever.  It's cause because consuming an excessive amount of carbs and sugar.  It is completely reversible by reducing your carb and sugar intake.
  • Compared: 2021 iPad Pro vs 2020 iPad Pro and 2018 iPad Pro

    I do not need this iPad Pro but oh boy do I want it. the iPad Air 4 is enough for my use case at the moment. 

    2021 iPad Pro with the M1 is a brilliant move in terms of product positioning as personally I always felt that the iPad Pro value prop was limping along a bit since the soc tended to be an interaction of the iPhone soc. Now it is more positioned with heavy workloads and helps Apple to build further efficiencies of scale for the M1 chip.

    I wonder if there would be a future option to run Rosetta 2 on the iPad and if having a magic keyboard and trackpad connected then to flip into a macOS emulation mode similar to how iOS apps can run under macOS. The M1 certainly provides the infrastructure to enable all sorts of convergence use cases in the future.
    With the iPad Pro now having the M1 and still starting at $999 (for the 11"), I wouldn't recommend the iPad Air ($599). For an extra $200 you get so much more (ProMotion, FaceID, Center Stage, 8GB / 16GB RAM, double performance, quad speakers, better mics)  and it's worth it even if only for the future proofing. In addition to that the iPad 9 is rumored to get the A13, 4GB RAM, laminated screen, 10.5" screen. To me, the iPad Air is stuck between a rock and a hard place.   If someone is asking my recommendation, I'd say get the entry-level iPad if interested in only basic tasks otherwise fork over the extra $200 for the 11" iPad Pro.
    Am I missing something here?  $599 to $999 is another $400 not an extra $200.