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  • Facebook sponsored research paper lambasts Apple's iOS 14.5 privacy

    I totally agree with Mike1. Facebook will keep find a way to go against apple and doesn't matter what they have to do to take apple down. they just want this thing to go away and turn everyone against apple att.  they need to stop because the more they do the more people don't want to use them anymore. I stop use them altogether. I'm no longer use Facebook, what's app, and instagram. why do I need to use those who don't care about my privacy and my safety.
  • Phil Schiller testifies about Apple data collection, App Store favoritism

    who doesn't have favoritism? other platform of App Store I'm sure they also have favoritism as well but how come they don't go and pick on them. I'm not saying that apple App Store does but what I say is who doesn't like those who treat you better than those people treat you like crap. would you like someone looking to sue you and still treat them good? yes sure I like people hurt me the most. Laughing out loud stupid! 
  • Spotify, Tile, Tinder App Store complaints are solely business grievances, Apple says

    I'm really tired of bullies like Spotify and tile. come on tile got a way ahead start of apple years before airtag day and why are they start complaining now? you got a way ahead start and you still not be able to go far and now you complain about Apple AirTag. to me,, you are just being a bully when you can't compete but if you are winning then it's ok to be anti competition, right? for Spotify, why are you also complaining. it's our option who we want to sign up for.  if you are not with the way apple does then take your business elsewhere.
  • Apple has a 'whitelist' of developers who can access unique App Store features

    It’s good that they have white list in my opinion because then those who miss behave like the epic they can be on the blacklist if they can come back to iOS again. But since they like to break the rule and then Sue asked for it, I don’t think I would let them back. and the white list is to be there for those who follow the role and play by the role. Reward for good behavior is honorated!
  • Man sues Apple for iPhone 6 battery explosion caused by alleged defect

    Feel bad for Apple, everybody just like to sue Apple for every little thing. But when the same thing happened to other company they don’t get sued like Apple does for some reason. Battery explosion is hard to come bye, if that is the case, they will have to do some investigation like what lead to it.