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  • Apple scrambled to convince Netflix to keep in-app subscriptions

    never mind about Netflix, they are loosing their customers anyway. so many have take out their movies and shows from Netflix. I don't think they have any thing good on there anymore.
  • Tile CEO 'welcomes' AirTag competition from Apple's 'runaway monopoly train'

    it's not like apple the only company that came out with airtag, but why when it's come to suing someone, apple is the only one that get sue or attack by another company.  I don't get it, why people like to pick on apple?
  • Sen. Amy Klobuchar calls AirTags release 'timely' ahead of Senate antitrust hearing

    I don't even know what tile is and never heard of before in my short life of 40 years. Samsung tag came out before airtag then why are they only pick on apple?  airtag didn't keep everything in apple ego system and allow third party company to participate to use the find my network which is more than Samsung tag feature can do. it doesn't seem fair to us as the customers to only allow to use with what ever the small company come out with that is not even useful to us at all.  here apple came out with something we can really benefit from but then got attack for introduce such thing.  if you can't compete then go find something else you good at, you shouldn't come to the company and tell them you can't come out with thing we going to use and benefit to us. the judge or what ever probably bought by the opposite to attack apple. really depressing!
  • Man sues Apple for terminating Apple ID with $24K worth of content

    The way I see it, if you do something against the agreement then you actually reach the agreement then Apple have the right to take away anything you purchase. That’s why you don’t do anything to bridge the agreement. So now we have to find out if the guy did anything and why you Gotta be a reason. So if the true is it turn out is he fault then he deserve it. You have to pay the price for what you did.  You can’t do anything against the agreement and still get to keep everything. So yes I both agree and disagree with Apple but I still have to see more proof or evidence that if he did anything wrong or not if he did then I agree 100% that everything he did everything he owns should be returned to the original. Even if he purchased all those media but if he did something wrong then yes he don’t deserve to keep it. That is just the price that he had to pay and if you want to do something you have to think twice before you do it.
  • Spotify HiFi one-ups Apple Music with lossless audio streams

    I still like Apple Music best. a lot of music I can not find else where I can find it on Apple Music especially international music.  since now I can listen to any song from my birth country, it's making living here not too difficult for me.  thank you Apple Music for making international music available to us. I can also find music from my time  and that was pretty surprising to me.