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  • Apple threatens to kill iMessage & FaceTime in UK if controversial law passes

    mayfly said:
    saarek said:
    Appleish said:
    From the country that instituted Brexit against popular opinion and had an unelected leader that was only in office for a few weeks, who destroyed hundreds of billions of pounds from their economy.
    Either you’re a revisionist or you simple don’t understand how referendums work.

    The vote for Brexit was clear, the majority of the population of the United Kingdom voted for it to happen (17.4M to leave vs 16.1M to remain).

    Yes, Scotland and, to a lesser degree Northern Ireland, voted to remain. However even nearly 40% of the Scots voted to leave which is a fact that the SNP never recognises as they pretend that all of Scotland voted to remain in the EU.

    Was it the right decision? Well, I don’t think we will truly know that for at least another 10 years. None of the  prophetic doom and gloom scenarios ever got close to materialising and the country was always going to be worse off during the initial divorce stage.

    Either way the result of the decision is largely irrelevant, what is relevant is that a democratic vote was taken and was then acted upon (albeit poorly).
    This is how democracy dies. The "democratic vote" was driven by anti-immigrant and racist factions with big megaphones stoking the fires of fear and loathing in the population to the extent that they vote against their own interests.

    Democracy is not about right or wrong - it’s what the majority vote for, no matter how stupid they may be.

    The first Common Market referendum and EEC membership referendum was in 1975 , to gauge support for the country's continued membership of the European Communities (EC) 

    Yes - 17,378,581 Votes (67.23%) - No - 8,470,073 Votes (32.77%)

    So that time (1975) the people voted to stay in then in 2016 another lot of people voted out. I could argue the first lot were manipulated and deceived by fear mongering (the disaster that would occur if the UK left), but that would be unfair.

    Unfortunately this is democracy, other systems have been tried with not really any better results.

  • Competitors are on edge as Apple Pay Later surges in popularity

    mayfly said:
    Apple Pay and Apple Pay Later are different entities from the Apple Card.

    “Apple Pay Later is offered by Apple Financing LLC, a subsidiary of Apple Inc., which is responsible for credit assessment and lending.”

    “Goldman Sachs is the issuer of the Mastercard payment credential used to complete Apple Pay Later purchases.”

    You are borrowing money from Apple Financing when you get a loan via Apple Pay Later, not Goldman Sachs. It’s the same “Mastercard Installments” bank credential that Apple uses when you buy Apple products and pay over time using the Apple Card. Those loans at 0% also come from Apple Financing, not Goldman Sachs. 
    That so? Here's what Apple says about that:

    Mastercard and Goldman Sachs
    Apple Pay Later is enabled through the Mastercard Installments program, so merchants that accept Apple Pay do not need to do anything to implement Apple Pay Later for their customers. When a merchant accepts Apple Pay, Apple Pay Later will be an option for their customers during checkout online and in apps on iPhone and iPad. Goldman Sachs is the issuer of the Mastercard payment credential used to complete Apple Pay Later purchases.
    That so? The paragraph above the one you quoted says

    Apple Pay Later is offered by Apple Financing LLC, a subsidiary of Apple Inc., which is responsible for credit assessment and lending. Apple Financing plans to report Apple Pay Later loans to U.S. credit bureaus starting this fall,5 so they are reflected in users’ overall financial profiles and can help promote responsible lending for both the lender and the borrower.

  • Hollywood studios fail to prevent actors striking during writers' strike

    I've updated John Lennon's fine words to a more modern concept - I hope he approves, or maybe I am totally out of touch.

    Imagine there's no TV 
    It's easy if you try 
    No hell below us 
    Above us only sky 
    Imagine all the people 
    Living for today, I

    Imagine there's no social media 
    It isn't hard to do 
    Nothing to kill or die for 
    And no influencers too 
    Imagine all the people 
    Living life in peace

    You may say I'm a dreamer 
    But I'm not the only one 
    I hope someday you'll join us 
    And the world will be as one

    Imagine no opinions 
    I wonder if you can 
    No need for greed or hunger 
    A brotherhood of man 
    Imagine all the people 
    Sharing all the world, you

    You may say I'm a dreamer 
    But I'm not the only one 
    I hope someday you'll join us 
    And the world will live as one

  • FTC sues Amazon, alleging users are being tricked into signing up for Prime

    Strange. I've never been tricked into signing up with Prime. I do get the offers all the time in my check out cart. And I've never had a hard time cancelling it either.

    Ex: 2 months ago I was offered a free 30 day trial. I placed my order, set a reminder and 25 days later logged into my account and cancelled the Prime membership before it charged my card after the 30 day trial.

    I suppose you have to be paying attention. And most people don't then cry victim LOL

    You are correct - not really a trick as such.

    The irritation is that Amazon keeps changing the way Prime is offed and thus making it possible to accidentally select it. Why should I have to make an effort to avoid Prime when I just want to pay for the product.

    You are right that it can be cancelled without to much of a problem but it is not actually cancelled it just runs to the end of the promotion period and then gets cancelled.

    I believe cancel should mean cancel - that is immediately, and not in 30 days (or whatever the promotion period is.

  • Withings Body Smart scale review: Consistently inconsistent

    Perceived differences in measurements depends on the accuracy of the scale. The greater the accuracy the more noticeable the variation. 

    So a cheap low accuracy scale can appear more constant in weight measurement than an accurate one.