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  • Apple's big WWDC 2024 announcement may be an AI App Store

    All the domain specific expertise segments could certainly benefit from unique AI apps so I can totally see an opportunity for Apple to succeed with this I’m 49 years on the Mac the experience gets richer and richer.  The phone along with all the software developers tools and hardware to accomplish things rarely applied is sufficient evidence that Apple has been thinking about the long game for years. Ill be enjoying this 
  • Apple Vision Pro is not the iPhone, and faces an incredibly steep uphill climb

    Fortunately Apple has chosen to make this investment. What has remained clear from previous entrants is that while the concept offers some powerful potential uses without a large robust developer effort to explore and implement software cases we won’t have the opportunity to discover broader solutions than it simply being an expensive way to experience entertainment which is a substantial enough market that the VP could be financial success without becoming mass consumer product.  
    With the iOS developer community being as large and profitable as it is I believe Apple has the audience to support the exploration and development of multiple interesting use cases.  
    It will be the software that determines the eventual breadth of adoption. And powerful software is demanding of hardware and it certainly seems Apple has committed the resources to offer a version 1 hardware platform to support developers efforts to create powerful software that might prove attractive enough that purchasers will drive further development.  
    Imagine where the hardware and software might be in a decade and in the meantime enjoy engaging in an interesting transformation if you can afford to. 
  • Apple Vision Pro now expected to ship in March

    People forget that squeezed in there 40 years ago. After showing the Mac to the BoD. The entire team including Jobs himself jumped on a plane to Boston. The BCS. Was hosting an Apple Computer show yep Apple II  in the  old Armory   There was a small room booked for this special presentation. It had bro be relocated  very last minute.  Due to demand.  
    Hundreds of us marched across Boston towards sympathy hall and next door they had secured a modest sized function room.  Of course there  were glitches and the Mac froze  briefly but everyone left knowing we had glimpsed the future. My 128 with external floppy an ImageWriter and box of tractor feed paper a couple months later was slightly over 3k. The 20mb  SCSI  Hard drive that came close to 2 years later was $1120 so 40 years on $3500 for the VP  actually seems an extremely we'll  considered introductory price point    The VP is one hell of a lot more sorted out introduction of an entirely new operating system and platform  than  anything I’ve seen and I’ve seen a lot. 
  • Apple Vision Pro now expected to ship in March

    The VP I expect will have an initial splash. With the developer community having grown so large and early adopters numbering in the low millions for practically any really cool new kit. Then similar to the iPad becomes a steady contributor to the user base and ecosystem. Not many things ever can have a path like a phone. The iPhone really was both a total departure from everything before it. And yet was also simply a device that everyone understood the of a phone.  Even if you happened to be part of the  half of humanity that hadn’t  owned and possibly never  used a phone you understood it use and value. 
    But a few years from now when manufacturing advances  do permit the form factor to become as benign as wearing a pair of glasses. The new paradigm of visual computing allow use cases few can imagine yet. 

    The Mac didn’t just alter computing. It’s altered the world. The PowerBook 100 was so so limited but replaced lugging a Mac SE  around. It took surprisingly little time to evolve into the 230C  
    The VP will be a multi Billion $  business. But the specific path towards transformation of computing is a guessing game. But I’m confident it will play a significant role in propelling Apple into a 10 trillion $ company. And I’m going to enjoy being along  watching 
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  • Apple Car could bolster services but low margins limit upside, analyst says

    Tired arguments heard before no margin or money in cell phone.  No margins in  software or retailing.  Somehow I believe Apple has insights into human behavior that gives them an edge or analysts that see one way to interpret a changing and dynamic world.  As I have for 40 years I’ll continue to follow buy products and shares in Apple and experience area after area of my life be transformed by what is no longer a handful of gift minds but an entire army marching towards a distant target others can’t make out