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  • Maxed-out Apple Silicon Mac Pro costs 1/4 what a maxed Intel one did

    Doesn’t have very many upgrade options.
    You can do quite a bit with 64 Gen 4.0 PCIe lanes, even if it doesn't support graphics cards.
  • Apple Silicon Mac Pro does not support PCI-E Radeon video cards

    AniMill said:
    The death of the Mac Pro has started. The Mac Studio was always meant to become the content creators’ workhorse. Shame. How cool would a render beast be with multiple video cards. But really, who needs so much local render power any longer - web render farms have become so cheap that keeping up your own farm simply isn’t worth it.
    Then why the hell would apple have spent the time and money to integrate the M2 Ultra into it? It does the equivalent off 7 afterburner cards as is. Its not cheap to spend R&D money to design these devices. You are also forgetting Audio cards, high speed networking, Internal SSD space.. etc etc.  In the future try and think just a tiny bit more before typing it into a forum post.

    mikethemartian said:
    saarek said:
    I'm not the target market for this machine, so am not bothered. But I don't really see why anyone would buy this over an M2 Ultra Studio? I had assumed that Apple would have an M2 Ultra Max, or something, that really pushes the envelope for the Mac Pro and justified its existence...
    Probably for people who need a portable rig where all the main connections are inside and don’t have to be disconnected and reconnected every time it is moved.
    Off the top of my head you could add a dual 100GBe card, 8x4TB PCIe 4th gen SSDs, and still have 16x PCIe lanes left over. And thats just internal I/O, it still has the same amount of external I/O as the MacStudio on top of all
    I actually could see, in the future, there being an option for additional "Apple GPUs" Cards, to increase video memory capability.  I mean, the current gen is apparently enough for even 8K Video, but as video needs increase, I can easily see them offering it as an option.  I'm not talking about an Nvidia or AMD graphics package add-on, but an Apple based GPU add-on, which would also ease software and driver support.
    Or a card that is just a bunch of neural engine cores. The only issue i can think of is at the additional physical distance from the SoC you start to deal with additional latency in nano seconds. Speed of light is only so fast.

    DOA.  Nuff said.
    To paraphrase Q from ST:TNG "Oh very good S.Metcalf, eat any good books lately"
  • Apple Park faces WGA strike on first day of WWDC

    BiC said:
    Security should confiscate all of their iPhones -  and Manhandle them to the ground.  Grade one project - write something on a sign.  Private security, everything goes.  We'll see if they ever come back.  We build for them to do this nonsense.  Lock them up.
    Don't forget to wear your brown shirt and your tiki torch when assaulting protesters.
  • New York passes functionally toothless Right to Repair bill

    Every time you add a replaceable component you introduce two more failure points.  I have been servicing computers for over 20 years and just off the top of the head two things come to mind, 

    The last MacBook to have replaceable RAM was the 2012 MacBook Pro (non retina) I say replaceable and not upgradeable because in the past 15 years or so i have seen very few units where the user has had the RAM upgraded. They still have the same base memory the unit shipped with. On the other side of that I have seen numerous models where the RAM after years of being bumped and jostled around came loose and damaged the SO-DIMM slot, because the SO-DIMM slot is a piece of shit. Additionally, the few mm of distance saved putting the RAM on package dramatically decreases latency and therefore improves performance. 

    As far a Rossman is concerned, I've worked at shops that do the kind of component level repairs that he does on his videos, and I can tell you even  first hand that even with the most skilled solderer the vast majority of those repairs fail after a few months for numerous reasons.

    To make an iPhone water resistant you have to eliminate ingress points, which means soldering components together, using gaskets, and adhesive, mess any of those things up and its no longer water resistant, all of which make repairs a lot more difficult.

    One thing that everyone here seems to have either forgotten, or don't realize... The VAST majority of consumers do not want to fix their own devices and vehicles, they have to much other shit to do in their lives than to devote the time to self repair.  All of us here are not the majority. "Independent" repair shops are shady as fuck, Again having worked for multiple 3rd party service providers, Its not that difficult to become a certified repair center, and the rules set forth by manufactures are to minimize shady practices like using bootleg parts that are inferior and poor service techniques.  Just because you shout about R2R really loudly, doesn't mean you are right or represent the majority. People like Rossman and iFixit aren't doing this for the people, they're doing it to support their business, they are no less self interested as the manufactures are. 
  • App maker seeks $200B from Apple in App Store class action lawsuit

    danox said:
    It is time to scale back the Apple Appstore, the free and easy Wild West is over, like America fighting expensive ill-fated wars, the American tax/corporate bank is closing down from within, China isn’t the enemy the enemy is us the Americans from within the window.…… 
    So are you a china troll, or just an idiot? your statement makes absolutely no sense. How is any of the crap in this statement related or relevant?