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  • Fans slam Apple TV+ 'Friday Night Baseball' stream outages, commentary team

    JustMee said:
    Joe_K said:
    Apple has exclusives for these games, so no blackouts.
    Games can be blacked out in home team regions in order to encourage fan attendance and revenue.
    Whether a company has exclusive broadcast rights or not does not, in itself, have bearing on blackouts or not.
    Wrong. No black outs for AT+ Friday night package.  

    As for the first Friday night stream - thought both were very well done. No connectivity issues here. 

    The production value was clean and impressive. 

    The broadcast team for the Astros v Angels far surpassed that if the Mets Nationals broadcast team. 

    Everything else is twister noise and folks that love to decry Apple’s foray into something “out of their lane”. 

  • Apple execs explain why you should use Apple Maps over competitors

    collin said:
    I love the street light icons in the intersections.  Makes judging distance to a turn so much easier.  But my only issue is that i can't find a way to set that it to always uses the fastest route.  I have a number of places that i go that are quicker if i take a toll road.  But apple maps always works so hard to make me navigate around them.  Even if i change the route at the start, by the time i get there, it has updated to navigate around the toll road normally adding time to my trip.  

    Please give me a setting that always picks the fastest route. 

    Just worth checking you have Avoid Tolls turned off?
    I have avoid tolls turned off  - but in my use case - apple does not include access to HOV lanes that double as a toll road during certain times of the day; Waze does this with ease…

    I generally have both Waze and Apple Maps running on trips.  Where one fails (and they both do regularly) the other picks up the slack. 
  • Roku update that broke AirPlay & HomeKit has yet to be fixed weeks later

    I would agree - the weirdest factually incorrect rant I’ve seen in a while. 

    But different strokes I guess. I have all my firesticks as backups on different inputs while ATV 4ks do all the heavy lifting in this house. 

    loopless said:
    microbe said:
    I have three Apple TVs sitting in a drawer because the system is basically obnoxious. Their constant screaming to reenter PWs. to change streams and the hassles to change users (and associated PWs ) before you can access programming from different accounts will have you looking up pws most of the evening instead of viewing. And enetering them on those remotes is enough to make suicide legal! The screen is cluttered as much as any other box but in a different way. Not as cluttered  as my two Fire TV Cubes but more than the Roku in my theater. And the remotes!! Apple=horrible, Fire pretty nice and Roku solid and easy to use. Backlighting would help on all three. Regarding data collection, much of it is program viewing which I would urge them to collect for the simple reason they will sell it to the ratings companies, and programs I like get reported as having eyes on, hopefully prolonging their existence. Which leads us to pricing…. Why not save money for equal performance? Not to mention Apples habit of knocking  products, particularly these, into the twilight zone with updates for which there is no recourse, as has happened to two in the past. Which has led to me throwing the perfectly good remaining HD and two 4K Apple TVs into a drawere marked “get rid of”.
    Odd rant. I use both a roku and Apple TV. The Apple TV is just a much better quality device . Roku needs you to sign in too all your services like Netflix, Hulu etc anyway so your “complaint” about signing in all the time on atv vs roku is just plain wrong. In any event atv will let you use your iPhone for password  entry, and auto fill from keychain. Lastly, I like the clean modern atv remote instead of the play school roku device.

  • HBO Max ditches tvOS API for homegrown solution, chaos ensues

    Anyone else noticing native  Dolby 5.1 not working.  Only PCM. Is this new?
  • 2021 2nd-Generation Siri Remote Review: The star of the show

    asdasd said:
    When your remote is more expensive than a competitors product .....

    I could buy 2 fire sticks for this. 

    Anybody want to justify the price? Most remotes are <$10. I have an Apple TV and I don't really like the old remote, but this is insanely priced. 
    We have a house full of firesticks (5) and (2) two ATV4K’s, one of which is brand new. 

    To be candid the Apple TV experience so far exceeds that of the firestick that we are replacing firesticks a little at a time. 

    The cost is easily justifiable - to this family at least.