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  • Apple TV gets AppleCare+ for first time

    Worth it for the remote alone 
  • Apple TV+ has 'no excuse' for lagging growth, says Netflix co-founder

    sdw2001 said:
    AppleTV+ debuted in November 2019.
    So it’s basically a year old and the majority of that time has been during a pandemic. Which is not exactly the best environment for securing staff and production.  Nevermind that the service itself also requires an Apple device or a recent supported 3rd party device.

    Meanwhile Netflix has been around since 1997.

    I dare say Apple has done *plenty* more since 1997 than Netflix has. 
    You make some decent points, but the the one about Netflix isn’t one of them. Netflix was not a streamer in 1997.  They didn’t even start until 2007, and the effort didn’t fully takeoff until 2013 when they invested in House of Cards.  

    Apple is doing it on opposite fashion...producing original content first.  Apple’s problem will continue to be the lack of a back catalog.  Granted, it’s 5 bucks.  But Disney+ is $6.99 and soon $7.99.  I’m not a subscriber, but they have an absolutely insane amount of content. I have Netflix, prime, YouTube TV, and free HBO max in addition to free AppleTV+ until July.  The only show I’ve watched is For All Mankind.  I also watched Greyhound.  We’ll see if I end up paying for it after July.  Either way, I think Apple TV+ is going to be a nascent effort until they get a serious amount of content somewhere. 
    I get that you may not have seen content on ATV+ ghat appeals to you.  Not the same for me...

     I’ve watched dang near everything on offer; foreign and domestic.  That speaks to the quality component of the service.

    apple will get there as the service is in no danger of being pulled.  
  • Third-generation Apple TV to lose CBS All Access support in March

    docbburk said:
    I wanted to wait till a new model was introduced, but caved and bought a 4K around Black Friday.  Apple is good at waiting just long enough for holdouts to buy a new model, before introducing their latest Apple TV.  I wouldn’t be surprised if they introduce one in Sept that uses the processor from iPhone 12, and has some new awesome capability. 
    I did the exact same... 

    Still hoping for a new model though...
  • Apple TV+ ranks low in streaming industry surveys despite market boom

    spice-boy said:
    I have to say the show's I've "watched" were well written, and overall quality shows. Having said that, compare the depth of variety other platforms offer ATV+ might not be worth a steady subscription at least for me. When my trial ends, that will be it for me. 
    Even though Netflix has way more content. No way I can justify $17.99 per month  for 4K content and multiple streams. That’s madness and not worthy of comparison to Apple TV+ at $4.99 per month.  
  • Apple TV+ ranks low in streaming industry surveys despite market boom

    Despite a couple of serious hits and lots of brand name stars, AppleTV+ is, by-and-large, a mediocre offering thus far. Doesn't come close to a Netflix or a Disney. 

    The useless Apple remote doesn't help. Most average users I know get completely turned off by the silly thing, since content discovery sucks. 
    Useless remote - why is this a constant refrain?  What’s your issue with it?

    Everyone in my family love the remote and find it completely intuitive. 

    As far as programming, we subscribe to ATV+ through the bundle (best bang for the buck) and I absolutely love the quality of most shows. The family -  not so much...

    Wife only watches broadcast television, TV land, and Bravo.  The kids, 14 and 9,  are on tic tok, play station and, ESPN respectively. 

    Disney+ - We have just renewed a year long subscription because it’s cheep. Kids don’t watch it though, and let’s face it, other than the mandalorian, what new content does it have? we’ve already seen everything...

    HBOMax - free through home broadband package- otherwise would not subscribe. Also would get it free through our mobile phone plan - so there’s that...

    Amazon Prime - Free through Amazon yearly subscription - otherwise would not subscribe.  Though I do most of my other than AT+ streaming here because I love the foreign offerings...

    Netflix -  it is not worth the $ they’re asking;  So we only subscribe if there’s something that has the interest of the entire family. Haven’t had Netflix in well over a year...

    Peacock - free tier -   Nothing worth watching.