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  • Apple plans to dial back mask mandate in U.S. stores

    Sanity restored, finally.
  • Side-loading is a gold rush for cybercriminals, says Craig Federighi

    Their arguments fall flat when it is realized 'side-loading', aka installing software, is common practice on the Macintosh.  

    It is quite simple, have two modes: full security and medium security just like Apple Silicon Macs.  Grandma can stay in full security mode.  People who want non-Apple approved software can turn on medium security mode.  Apple should not get to decide what a user values more, freedom or security.  It should provide a choice just like the Macintosh.

    The bottom-line is this is about money from App Store revenue.  They cannot admit that because it is a losing argument so they lie about their motives.  They use fear, security! security! to sell it.  The fact that the Macintosh allows 'side-loading' proves it is about money.
  • Steve Wozniak 'can't tell the difference' between iPhone 12 and iPhone 13

    Woz is right.  Having said that, if you have an iPhone Xs you'll notice a difference when upgrading.  In my opinion, skipping every two to three generations is appropriate for 80% of users.  Each new generation has incremental hardware upgrades with prior generations getting the same software upgrades.  You need two or three incremental hardware upgrades to see a large difference.  I went from an iPhone 7 to an iPhone SE 2nd generation.  That means an A10 to an A13 with a 1 GB more RAM.  It has the camera in the SE from the iPhone 8 so I got a camera upgrade too.  Same display though admittedly.  Even so, I could barely tell I changed phones.  I was disappointed, but it was still a good device so I kept it.  Apple really is a victim of their high quality products.  People do not need to upgrade often because their existing products are good products.
  • Intel CEO hopes to win back Apple with a 'better chip'

    The Intel CEO has the right attitude at least.  Competition means the consumer wins so more power to him.
  • Apple explains security & privacy risks of side-loading in detailed new paper

    'Side loading' also known, prior to 2007, as installing an application on your computer.  The key phrase here being 'your computer'.  Who does Apple think they are to deny people the right to install any application they want on THEIR iPhone?  Apple's entire case falls apart when you realize the Macintosh can still 'side load' applications to this day.  Right-click, open.  Annoyed by that?  Disable Gatekeeper completely with a command in the Terminal.  Why does this 'side loading' persist on the Macintosh? Simple, their customers would not tolerate such computer tyranny. Remember, Gatekeeper was added in to the Macintosh in Snow Leopard. iPhone customers should start to speak up about Apple's heavy handedness on their iPhones.  The iPhone's walled garden should be optional just like it is on the Macintosh.  Heck, most times I'd choose to stay in the walled garden for security, but when Apple gets heavy handed, like they are today with their outrageous censorship on the App Store and Podcasts, we need an opt out.

    Bottom-line, this is about maintaining 30% profit on apps and control of people's devices.  It is as simple as that.