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  • Microsoft's new app store pledge preserves its walled garden on Xbox

    I’m starting to wonder if all this is because Microsoft is worried about Apple’s VR head set. They know Apple makes a phone everyone loves, they can’t compete with, headphones, they can’t compete with, since Apple Silicon apple makes computers they can’t compete with. That just leaves Microsoft with gaming. Apple Silicon GPUs are almost as good as gaming PCs and they consume about half the power. Microsoft said they would keep activision blizzard games on PlayStation but will they offer them too new comers. I think Microsoft is nervous. 
  • Senate committee advances bill that could threaten encryption, Section 230

    America needs to get rid of all these trash politicians and go to a system where we all vote on every law, no more of this electing people to work for the people. They just work against the people. There needs to be a fair max for laws and we all vote on everything there is once a year, oh and online using end to end encryption. This current system is just not working 
  • Most US Cabinet Departments have bought Cellebrite iPhone hacking tool

    I have no trouble with government being able to unlock and examine phones.
    But, it needs to follow the same procedures established centuries ago for unlocking and examining one's home or office.

    I find it highly unlikely that all these agencies are doing that.
    Or, possibly, this has nothing to do with searching a phone and instead is being used by IT departments to unlock phones after their user left the organization and the phone was returned to the IT dept -- or the user simply forgot the passcode and IT has unlock it for them?
    I don’t think the government should have this power. Just as I don’t think the police should be allowed to go into your house without getting your permission, like in the case of a no knock warrant. I would also argue that you might have a little too much faith in the government if you think they’re not using the phone to unlock criminals phones. Not to mention the government loves wasting money. 
  • Microsoft says that if Apple isn't stopped now, its antitrust behavior will just get worse...

    Are their alternative Xbox stores? Can I side load games onto my Xbox?
    For real not to mention didn't Microsoft just absorb activision blizzard, way to distract the government Microsoft 
  • Google really is evil, claims ex-employee lawsuit

    Not to take Google’s side here but wouldn’t it be “evil” to not include someone. I mean what border patrol is doing is wrong in my opinion. But maybe border patrol doesn’t think that. Wouldn’t it be “evil” if google decided not to include them, just because they have a different idea of what is right?