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  • Eufy SmartTrack Card review: A great Find My tracker for your wallet

    Not rechargeable = outdated for the modern age. Time to move past this disposable model - there is no reason a device like this shouldn’t function for 10+ years with a replaceable battery.  

    There really isn’t an excuse for this any more - I’d rather have a product that lasts one year and has a replaceable or rechargeable battery. 
  • Ex-Apple lawyer guilty of insider trading gets a slap on the wrist, avoids prison

    charlesn said:
    Well, this should send a clear and powerful message to aspiring white collar criminals everywhere: If you can't do the time, definitely DO the crime, since there's essentially no penalty for trying and getting caught! Unfriggin-believable. Someone caught stealing a Macbook at an Apple store would get a stiffer sentence. 
    Spot on. Most, if not all, criminals have experienced a lifetime of difficulties and their criminality is not chosen, but often criminal acts of stealing, for example, are the least worst of very limited options. This guy, whilst probably had something going on that pushed him down this route, committed a knowingly huge offence and then chose to lie to the court. Without his power, money and privilege, he’d have gone to jail for a long time.

    This is why our minority brothers and sisters are so disillusioned and angry. Often held back or limited in their access to financial security, when compared to those born into privilege (and I speak from a position of white privilege). Where is their leniency or opportunity to fight the courts for far smaller crimes?

    money = power. 
    Until that changes, we will all continue to see our planet, mental health in our children and communities destroyed. I recommend Gabor Mate’s “the myth of normal”… 

    If you think this is wrong… well the 15 year ago me would have agreed with you. I’ve been lucky enough to work with people and recognise that we are all entitled to a good and enjoyable life, but that our current systems of power actively deny people that basic right, to the benefit of the few. 
  • iPhone 15 has new battery health controls to prevent charging past 80%

    No doubt that those who are always by a desk or in a car will want to use this feature. I certainly would too. Particularly thinking about the increase in docks and the use of the phone as an office camera, many more phones will be holding a +80% charge that is unnecessary harmful. It’s a feature I understand will make a significant difference to the battery life of those who toggle it on. I think the author of the article has missed the mark on the unequivocal recommendation that it makes no difference.
  • Activists agitate for 'iPhone infinity' with AI-generated Tim Cook, promise protests

    Easier to call climate protestors lunatics than consider the lunacy with which we continue to endanger our own lives by ignoring the devastating impact on our home caused by decades of a failure to act, in my view, of course. 😉 

    But Apple, producing small and largely recyclable electronics, with the most environmentally considered approach of any firm, is not the problem. What about cars, that use several hundred times more material and energy? Or governments allowing companies to continue to make money from turning fossil fuels into cash?

    Defiantly better places protestors can invest their energies. 
  • Japan law will require Apple to allow alternate iPhone app stores

    This isn’t an easy issue.

    Whilst my view is that apple is largely a responsible company with a good moral compass, there are some people who feel they are not. They do wield extraordinary power, bu the nature of the number of their devices

    The irony that the EU - a big organisation with its own goal of sustaining the interests of its members (primarily the rich companies that lobby within it), should be lost to no one. 

    Apple should allow app stores to be installed. It should not allow them to use Xcode or the apple developed APIs for free. If a user decides to install the other App Store, it should come with a choice that apps run in a ‘sandbox’, or the user accepts that any software malfunctions will not be supportable by apple. 

    Whatever happens, apple will try to impose some limits to, quite rightly, secure users data and make sure the phone doesn’t explode in its hand. And these government organisations will argue they are trying to control the market. It’s a lose lose!

    oh, and I REALLY like the idea of apple making iPhones that can come with nothing installed. Then people can install their own OS and apple can’t be accused of ‘limiting the iPhone’ in any way. 😂 (can’t see any risks with this 😂).