If I'm not. mistaking, you can stream Pandora on Apple audio devices, but not Spotify. This is as it should be for all the b*tching Spotify does in public. Also, It'd be just-desert if Epic was never again allowed on the App Store for all of their public grandstanding and muck-raking! Apple's public persona, however, tells me that if any of these sad-ass companies conformed to Apple's standards, they let them back in a heartbeat. 


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  • Future MacBook Pro could use giant trackpads for force touch gestures

    I've always thought a killer feature for the trackpad would be to make it Pencil compatible - a tablet killer feature, you might say.
  • Apple fires employee who spoke out on workplace issues, cites alleged leak

    welshdog said:
    s.metcalf said:
    What she describes sounds (unfortunately) typical of most corporates and is very believable.  I can imagine working for an employer that has such a comprehensive—even overwhelming—employee monitoring capability, and an internal crack squadron of “ threat officers” (the so-called Apple Police) would be stressful, even without employer problems.  You’d want to consider that when negotiating a salary with Apple, that’s for sure.

    Not convinced airing your grievances on Twitter is the right approach, however.
    I worked for Apple a total of 5 weeks as an iOS At Home Advisor (phone tech support). Four weeks of that was training which was great. The actual work was too stressful and I had to quit. One factor was the shocking amount of monitoring they did on me while I worked. One time after a call, I was doing the cleanup (notes etc.) and I heard a voice calling my name. A window opened on my iMac and my manager appeared wanting to know why I was taking so long. I was not used to that sort of oversight. Every employer I had ever had in my life gave me the responsibility to get the work done without someone standing over me. There were a lot of rules including shutting off the iMac  when done working and not using it for anything until the next shift. Even if it was related to my work, like checking my schedule for example, was not allowed. Plus then there was this whole complex system of demerits you got for being late, or going to a doctor's appointment or anything else related to life in general. None of this is unique to Apple of course, but it is alien to me. At age 64 and retired, I do feel very sorry for people stuck in this sort or corporate gulag. I could not do it and won't even entertain the thought of working for a large corporation ever again.
    You certainly have a lot to say after one whole week on the job. I've used Apple support for nearly 3 decades and without exception, all support personnel spent however much time was necessary (sometimes days!) to resolve my issue. During this time it wasn't unusual for me to have casual conversation with them. Given how many of them sincerely loved their job at Apple (many of whom had worked there for ages), I have to wonder about this one-week-wonder.
  • Apple says Epic can return to App Store only if it follows the rules

    Really tired of Apple playing nice with A*holes like this. Epic could be said to have caused irreparable damage to Apple in their campaign to debase them. Fartnite is incredibly popular thanks to the likes of Apple and Google, yet the billions Epic made on these platforms was just not quite enough. But, I can't see Epic throwing in the towel to abide by the App Store rules, particularly since they are still litigating. Their begging needs to be front page news if for no other reason than to show everyone who follows this mini-series what lunatics they are! 

    UnReal Engine, on the other hand, is truly amazing, and needs to be available for all the game developers who depend on them. I wonder how much Epic charges them - is it a one time licencing fee or do they pay a percentage of income? 
  • US National Labor Relations Board investigating two Apple employee complaints [u]

    Forget the fact that Apple employs 10s of thousands and let's just focus all of our attention on crap like this!
  • Kanye West's 'Donda' was on Apple Music, until it wasn't

    New release date: the 10th of NEVER………if there's a God in heaven.