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  • Apple Watch infringes Masimo pulse oximetry patent, rules judge

    Applejacs said:
    Ok, so Apple cuts a check for how much?

    Ideally, it would be the amount of money they made from the infringement.  But for a long time, it's been well worth it for Apple to infringe and then pay some pittance to make the problem go away.  The only way to stop infringement is to impose penalties that actually matter.

    I know exactly how likely that is though, given how much corporations "contribute to" legislators.
    Apple starts paying licensing fee for every AppleWatch sold?
  • Weak demand for MacBook, Apple Watch, AirPods may have caused order cuts

    The story could be the other way around. According to this news Taiwanese suppliers saying they have enormous problems with workers getting sick. So some one twisted this to Nikkei saying Apple cut orders. The truth is the suppliers cannot deliver the products to Apple.

  • House of Representatives bans staff use of 'high risk' TikTok

    lkrupp said:
    This is frivolous to the lowest level. TikTok is an entertaining tool. Government building is for working. Of course it is inappropriate to use TikTok. But making it a national security issue is a plot by China haters to silence democracy. 
    Maybe the NSA, CIA, and the U.S. Military know something you don’t. But then you’re just a Chinese government operative spreading disinformation and propaganda. And who are you to be talking about democracy when your leader is a vicious despot.
    You are a liar! I have said here many times that I have nothing to do with Chinese government. And you China hater keeps making lies about me. And would you bet that every word I posted here have been recorded by CIA? US government has the world's largest network of spying. It is much larger than China or any other country. Can you deny it? NSA, CIA, and the U.S. Military know how to spy on every one. This is why they worry TikTok will spy on US. US has far more superior military power than China. I believe this is the simple reason CCP feel it is useless to spy everything on US. Of course they want to know what the US Congress is planning on Taiwan. And this is the reason US Congress don't want CCP to know. And this is democracy? I thought democracy is for peace like Jesus do.
  • Apple has two big CarPlay problems

    I have two problems with 2020 Subaru Forester. It may or may not related to CarPlay. When I receive a phone call, I try to use the speaker of the car. The voice is very low. I went to the dealer recently. The dealer checked and update the software of the car. The problem is resolved. The second problem is also related the bluetooth. When I try to play a music or video on the phone without it connected to the car, there is no sound come out. If I turn off the car, the sound come out of the phone speaker. This is pretty annoying. 
  • Foxconn forcing sick workers to stay on iPhone production lines

    There are two implicitly divergent thoughts on how to fight the spread of covid. On the ultra left the thought is to prevent the deaths, the zero covid policy is the most extreme that it tries to completely eliminate the spread brutally. On the ultra right the thought is to let the covid spread unrestricted until a herd immunity is achieved. This thought is based on the acknowledge that the death rate of Omicron is very low except maybe the elderly or people with underlying health problems. And the is Darwinism.