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  • Kanye West confused about banks, Apple Pay, and FCC

    To everyone thinking he is mentally unstable - what I don't understand is that you repeat this claim, which is made in the media, but you do not check if it is actually true. 

    There are many 1 hour+ podcasts online where Ye recently spoke with people. Like in the last month.

    In these hours, Kanye comes across as someone who is a genius. Most people don't understand what he's saying because he's so far ahead, and because he picks up so much that people are oblivious about. 

    You can agree or disagree with what he is saying but there is no question he is sharp and awake.  

    When he was on Rogan, that was different, he was still pumped full of drugs that time. He was near death. But now, he's alive and aware. A truth speaker if there ever was one. Unlike other people he is not intimidated, and he doesn't back down. 
  • Kanye West confused about banks, Apple Pay, and FCC

    Xed said:
    This individual isn't mentally sound. Of all the famous people I can think of, he needs a conservatorship.
    Yeah the mainstream narrative is he is crazy. 

    Same as Andrew Tate - can't listen to him because he's a misogynist. 

    The truth is, anyone going against their handlers in the entertainment business is either declared crazy, or put on drugs, or suicided. 

    Just ask Avicii. 
  • Apple will not buy Disney, no matter how often it hears that it will

    Didn't follow this but I guess Iger leaving made Disney so incredibly horrible of late. 

    Not sure how losing a billion dollars qualifies as success. 

    All I know is if I lose a billion dollars, I am considered broke. But OK! 

    Agree overall though, Apple does not need Disney+. ATV content is of a higher quality than Disney. 

    In case the reader does not know what I am referring to, just watch the Hawkeye Marvel Christmas Special. 

    I don't think anything this bad has aired since Chewbacca Xmas special...
  • Twitter Blue is dead, 'official' checkmarks resurrected

    Old twitter: didn't do much and still couldn't implement any changes over the course of forever.

    New Twitter: Pivots multiple times in a week from day 1 to verify what works and what doesn't.

    I'll take New Twitter every day of the week and twice on Sundays.

    Strange article though. Making official statements on things that have not been communicated is odd. Twitter was a mess and needs a LOT of overhaul. These feature tests aren't going away anytime soon. Twitter is coming up with great ideas and then reading the room.

    Instead of acting like an old, crusty telecom or Microsoft, it has trimmed the fat and acting like a startup - a lean, mean freedom of speech machine. Just because it made a decision doesn't mean it has to stick with it if it was the wrong one, no matter how right it seemed in the boardroom. They are reading the room and responding quickly - something universally recognized as a good thing. Some people are just mad because they wanted to bash the decision forever. and then get upset that their little target for hate has been removed. It's hilarious.

    Twitter is finally in the hands of someone who is not only a very capable and hugely successful businessman, but someone with vision, enthusiasm, and a drive to be a unifying factor for freedom over the draconian political hitmen of yesterday. 

    Looking forward to what is next.
    Yes - maybe too much experimentation and not enough thoughts about game mechanics, but keep in mind Musk blew up 9 rockets before the first one made it. 

    Compared to that, taking risks with checkmarks is nothing! 

    Someone analyzed it well - you can't charge the content creators, you need to pay them! 

    You can't charge the normal folks, they will go elsewhere where it's free, maybe Tik Tok. 

    The only people willing to pay $8 - it's a no-brainer for scammers who stand to make way more than the 8 bucks they invested with their fake Twitter personality, selling whatever snake oil to the unsuspecting public. 

    In hindsight these game mechanics are obvious, but I can say I definitely didn't predict that beforehand. I bought into the "well rich and famous people won't mind paying $8" idea. Not realizing that Twitter has more to lose than these personalities, should they leave Twitter, and also that they're busy people who might not have the time or attention span to fiddle with their credit card to get a checkmark on Twitter - they probably have about 1,000 more pressing issues to deal with. Except for Elon, since he's a Twitter troll who has the most followers of anyone... 
  • Meta's 11,000 job cuts may be only the beginning

    Couldn't have anything to do with rampand censorship and "factcheckers" - who, by Facebook's own admission in court, are merely sources of "opinions". 

    I am very, very happy that telling people what to think is not profitable. 

    Leads to losses. 

    Same with Netflix. Regardless of what anyone's opinions are on any topics, content providers should not push an agenda. 

    Facebook like all social media is actually protected under a rule where it is not responsible for user content - meaning users can talk freely, but it doesn't affect Facebook. 

    Since Facebook started censoring people and posts on certain topics, one could argue Facebook should then be governed like a publisher. As it is now curating content and thereby pushing an agenda, it should then also be held to account for misinformation it was actively promoting, while suppressing facts under the cover of misinformation.