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  • Apple's new 27-inch iMac with Apple Silicon - what to expect, and when it might be announc...

    The best iMac design is still the iMac G4 from 2002 to 2004.  That was a thing of beauty, with an LCD display that can be moved in any direction with ease.
  • Apple's new 27-inch iMac with Apple Silicon - what to expect, and when it might be announc...

    I have no problem with colours, as long as they're tasteful. The abortion of the 24" with bright/pastel/white all in one was a horror show. Plus, they'd need to add at least one grown-up colour too, ideally black/dark grey.

    As for the chin, what's it for? Its main job used to be to hold the big apple logo, but since they bizarrely dropped that on the 24", it's just there to annoy people now. If they need space, make it thicker. Who cares how thin it looks from an angle you never look at it from?

    I was very excited about the initial 32" rumours, but honestly think that 27" is as big as necessary really. Just get rid of the chin and bezels, put it on a proper stand and make it as fast as hell. Thanks.

    I did some quick mockups of a 'fix' to the horrible 24" when it came out. Maybe the tapered side profile is odd in retrospect, but I stand by the single anodised colour and swapping the chin for thickness, as well as putting a small logo back. Scaling this up and going with dark metal/black bezel would be fine for the 27" too.

    It is a good thing you don't work for Apple.  Your mockups are lame.  If you are wondering what the chin is houses the motherboard and the speakers.  No one wants colored bezels.  So you basically took Apple's awful 24" design and made it 100x worse.  If all you people hate the chin, buy a Mac mini and whatever display you want.  I guess you all like finger prints all over your display if you grab the computer to try and adjust it, if it is lacking the 'chin'.  The fixed display stand is the worst design of all, and Apple has been using it since 2005.  That's why my 27" iMac has the VESA Mount.
  • Apple's new 27-inch iMac with Apple Silicon - what to expect, and when it might be announc...

    It is always amusing to see how many people are so offended by the iMac's 'chin' and bezels.  The design works, and that is where the motherboard is located, especially in the new 24" iMac.  The replacement 27" iMac will surely follow since it will likely use a modified MacBook Pro 16" board with either the M1 Pro and/or M1 Max CPU.  32" displays are too large for most workspaces, so I don't know why people think a larger 5K display would make any difference.  Unlikely to be 6K.  Apple needs people to blow $6K for their XDR display.  They won't put it in the iMac.

    I bet the new iMac will have a notch.  That seems to be Apple's new visual trademark.  Clearly unnecessary, but for some reason, Apple put it on the new MacBooks.  The new 24" iMac feels very cheap for being so thin.  It is also very easy to tip over if you try to tilt the display from the top.  Headphone/external speaker jack on the side is messy looking.  Ethernet in a power supply is a kludge.  So you know that is coming to the larger iMac.  The M1 Max will be the only good thing about the new iMac.  The rest will be pastel colors, too thin, not enough ports, and the same fixed height stand (of course VESA Mount solves the fixed height problem).

    I never buy first generation products.  Never bought the first Power Mac and never bought the first Intel Mac.  I will be happy using my Intel Mac for years to come while more native software becomes available and better hardware products roll out in the next few years.  The 1999 iMac colors looked great.  These pastel colors are awful.  
  • Alexa tells 10-year-old girl to touch live electrical socket with penny

    The article left out the fact that it was a general internet query, not a skill, and Alexa even stated that by saying, "Here is what I found on the Internet", and unfortunately, the top story of the query was the article warning people about the dumb TikTok challenge.  Remember, these challenges are coming from kids that eat Tide Pods.  

    Siri does the same thing.  When Siri has no idea what you are asking, Siri will query the internet.  And Siri queries the internet for 90% of the things you ask it.  There is no skill, and this has nothing to do with Alexa.  Any AI would pull the same query from the internet, including a google search.
  • Apple's May 2021 in review - Lossless Apple Music, Apple Silicon iMac, and new Apple TV 4K...

    "So all in all, lossless Apple Music is a good thing for everyone."  This is an incorrect statement.

    The correct statement is 'Lossless Apple Music is a good thing for only those people that pay for Apple Music streaming service, and have hardware capable of playing it'.  If Apple wants to offer lossless music, why aren't they including music purchases in lossless format?  More people buy music than pay for Apple Music.  More people subscribe to other services rather than pay for Apple Music.

    Apple does very well selling AirPods, but those don't support the lossless format.  iPhones and iPads with a wired connection to headphones, receivers, or powered speakers support it, and the new 14" and 16" MacBooks too.  Anything else requires an external DAC.  How many people are going to buy an external DAC?

    Bottom line...Apple's lossless format plays to a very limited crowd, unfortunately.