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  • Apple acknowledges iPhone 15 charging problem with BMWs, Toyota Supras

    The Toyota Supra is actually a re-branded BMW Z4.  The engine and all electronics are made by BMW.

    Wireless charging is kind of ridiculous in a car.  Go over a bump and the phone moves slightly and no more wireless charging.  It is not that hard to plug it in, and the audio quality on a wired connection is far better than Bluetooth.
  • Signs point to Apple Silicon M3 reveal at 'Scary Fast' event

    People want a 27" or larger iMac with a M Pro or M Max CPU option and fast graphics.  If that is what they mean by Scary Fast, then people will be happy.  If it is another base model M chip that is 10% faster than the old CPU, then disappointment.
  • Apple updates macOS Sonoma to 14.1

    Does it fix the broken Wallpaper?  If you choose your own album from Photos, it won’t display the entire album or randomize them.  It only displays a blank wallpaper or the Apple Vineyard.  

    *Updated to 14.1 and the Wallpaper is still broken.  If you select an album from your Photos app, and click on the option with the arrows to cycle through the entire album, it won't display any photos from that album.  All you get is Apple's Vineyard photo.  Plenty of similar reports in Apple Community Forums.
  • Apple allegedly has a 12.9-inch iPad Air in the works

    Too many iPad SKUs.  All the iPads run the same software at relatively the same speed, so there is no real difference between the base model and a Pro as far as the software and apps you run on it.  The M processor is wasted in the iPad because of iPadOS and apps are incapable of taking full advantage of the chip.  The base model iPad runs all the same software that the Pro model does.  Too many Macs too, and some have been neglected for years without an update.  
  • Long custom iMac order times don't mean that a refresh is imminent

    Totally disagree with PauloSeraa.  He just doesn't get it.  He prefers a MacBook Pro because it is portable.  That is his choice.

    He thinks the form factor is not attractive.  The iMac is a desktop computer, and it has an award-winning form factor.  It is even better with a VESA mount because it can float over your desk and be positioned in every way possible.  My current 27" iMac 2020 has the VESA option and it floats over my desk without the stand taking up room, or a computer sitting on the desk.  The Studio Display (that replaced the iMac with the Mac Studio) has the same form factor as the iMac.  A Mac mini or Mac Studio and a separate display with all the cables coming off of them does not have the same elegant look as an iMac.

    He thinks the iMac is not upgradable.  Does he know that the MacBook Pros are also not upgradable?  All Apple Silicon Macs are no longer upgradable.  You must buy what you want at the time of purchase.  Yes, the 24" iMac now falls under the category of non-upgradable, but now all Macs are not upgradable.  So that is a weak argument.

    He specifically discusses the Intel iMacs as not upgradable and not reusable.  The Intel iMacs ARE upgradable!  The 27" had user-replaceable RAM and before the 2020 iMac with the T2 chip, the SSD was also upgradable, by the user!  I upgraded the RAM in my 27" iMac to 128GB for 1/4 the price of what Apple charges, and I did it two years after I bought it when RAM was at a low price.  The 21.5" iMac also had upgradable memory and upgradable drives, once you removed the display, which is not hard to do.

    He claims they are not re-usable.  He thinks once a Mac is considered vintage or obsolete, you must throw them away.  My 2012 27" iMac would disagree.  I upgraded the memory to 32GB, replaced the spinning drive with a 1TB SSD, and also added the OWC 2TB blade SSD to the factory SSD slot.  It was not hard to remove the display and re-attach it with new adhesive.  Now this 2012 iMac can boot Mountain Lion, the original OS, Catalina, the latest version it can run, and also Windows 10 in Boot Camp.  If I want to try OpenCore, I could upgrade it to Monterey or Ventura.  I use it in my garage and iTunes also feeds to a stereo in the garage too.  So I can do lots of things with that 11 year old iMac.  I can also use my 'obsolete' Mac Pro 2008, QuickSilver G4, Power Mac G5, and Mac LC 575 for running vintage apps and games too.   I guess he thinks those are un-usable too.

    All we wanted was a 27" 5K iMac with an M Pro or M Max CPU, just like in the MacBook Pros, and the iMac would have been a top seller with customers.  Instead, we got a bare-bones 24" iMac with a base model M1 chip that was hardly a valid replacement.  And Apple has done nothing with it for almost 2 1/2 years.  Sad.

    My 27" 2020 iMac even has Parallels with Snow Leopard Server as a VM so I can run older PowerPC apps.  I guess that is un-usable too since it is an Intel iMac.