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  • New & colorful 27-inch iMac starts production, reportedly won't have mini LED

    Heck, Apple used to sell a 30” Cinema Display forever ago. It’s 2022! Time to move up. 
    You do realize that the Apple 30" Cinema Display had the same resolution, 2560 x 1440, as the original 27" iMac?  The iMac 5K Retina blows away the old 30" Apple Cinema Display.  Just because it is larger, doesn't make it better.  If Apple added a few inches, it would still likely be 5K.  The 24" iMac is kind of a joke with Apple calling it a 4.5K display.  So Apple adding a few inches to the 27" iMac would call it a 5.5K display?  Those are not even industry standards.

    If you are so hung up on display size, buy a Mac mini and get whatever display you want.  The fact is that most people don't have the desk space for a 32" display, which is why a 27" display is still the most popular sized display, even today.  I looked at a 32" display to use for work, and it even had small bezels.  It was huge.  Two of them side by side would be impossible, and overkill.  The 32" was 4K, and I settled on two 28" 4K displays.  Since both are 4K, the 32" would not have offered any additional screen real estate.

    I wonder how you will feel when the new replacement iMac will have a notch in the display?  You know that is happening because that is apparently Apple's new trademark visual design.  
  • Apple Music sued over track that allegedly samples an original song

    Shouldn’t the suit be against the artist who used the sample illegally and not Apple? 
    Apple used the song in their advertisements for Apple Music.  Read the article, it is all in there.
  • The new MacBook Pro: Why did Apple backtrack on everything?

    It is all about Jony Ive leaving the company and no longer being in total control of the designs.  His 'fashion over function' has been a mistake for years.  The moment he left, Apple was able to fix the MacBooks in 2019 by removing the butterfly keyboard.  Remember the round hockey-puck mouse?  Look what a mess that was.  Not everything he designed was a good idea, and people prefer functionality over fashion.  Now Apple can make computers that actually work and be reliable again.  That's why I never got rid of my 2015 MacBook Pro 15" model.
  • It's time to drop apps that don't support Apple Silicon natively

    This article is a joke, right?   Sounds like the author isn't old enough to know how the PowerPC to Intel transition progressed.  Apple completed the entire hardware transition to Intel in just over 200 days.  Yet they continued to provide Rosetta for five and a half years after the introduction of the first Intel Macs, Jan 2006 to Mid-2011.  Why?  Because there were literally millions of PowerPC Macs in operation for years after the switch.  Same is true now.  There are probably over a hundred million Intel Macs in operation, both privately and in enterprise.  Developers go where the money is, and currently it is still with Intel Macs.  There is only a very small percentage of Apple Silicon Macs in operation now compared to the number of Intel Macs.  Apple is also still selling Intel Macs, and will do so well into 2022.  The Apple Silicon transition is going very slow because it took Apple 11 months to come out with new models after the first batch, and their flagship Macs, the 27-inch iMac and Mac Pro are still Intel.  The pandemic, is the author aware there is still a pandemic going on, has played a huge part along with the world-wide chip shortage in causing major delays with everything.

    So telling people to jump ship after 11 months is ridiculous.  Rosetta will be around for at least 5 years to support Intel apps running on Apple Silicon, and Intel Macs will continue to be used by people for years to come.  Remember, the Apple Silicon Macs aren't great for everything, many people take advantage of virtual machines, something the Apple Silicon Macs do not do well.  Intel Mac can run Windows natively, and can also run older versions of Mac OS X in Parallels for older software compatibility, something Apple Silicon Macs will never do (maybe someday Microsoft will be on board with running the ARM version of Windows natively).  More people will still be using Intel Macs for years to come, much more than people using Apple Silicon Macs.  And it took Apple a year and a half after announcing Apple Silicon to finally come out with Apple Silicon Macs that are worth buying.  The M1 Macs were nice low end models, but the lack of memory and features held a lot of people back.  People wanted faster Macs with more features, not faster Macs with features cut.  Apple has finally fixed that mistake.
  • Apple backs down on CSAM features, postpones launch

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    Subway’s Jared tweets his appreciation!
    Think of the children who will suffer abuse because a few privacy wackos don’t want Apple to scan their photos. Fuck those kids, right?
    Nope. Apple can very well scan the photos in iCloud and report it to authorities. They have the keys to decrypt the files stored in iCloud, so there is NOTHING that is preventing Apple from doing it and NO ONE is against this. The opposition is only for doing the scan ON the device, NOT in iCloud.
    And as AppleInsider and Apple have stated, images are not scanned on the device. But you choose to believe it’s a lie because...?
    Apple has openly and clearly stated that the CSAM hashes are stored on your device and every photo on your device is scanned BEFORE they are uploaded to their servers when iCloud Photos is turned on, and Apple turns it on by default.  Apple will scan every photo on your device.  Why do you choose not to believe that?