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  • Apple backs down on CSAM features, postpones launch

    MplsP said:
    How many of the people screaming about CSAM have Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram, and google apps on their devices and an Amazon or google smart speaker in their home?
    Those other companies are not scanning your device, nor are they scanning every single photo on your device.  People are fine with companies scanning their own servers because they choose what to upload to the cloud.  Apple wants to scan every single photo on your device if iCloud Photos is turned on, and Apple turns it on by default.  You can't claim you are a privacy advocate and turn around and scan everyone's personal device at the same time.  Apple can't claim privacy and then tell the customer they have keys to your house to look at everything you own.
  • Classic Mac game 'Myst' comes to Apple Silicon

    The original Myst dates all the way back to the HyperCard days.  If you all remember, the game was written using HyperCard to click through the stacks, with a requirement of a 68030 CPU and 256 colors.  I bought my second Mac with a CD-ROM drive to play Myst.  Then I bought a Power Mac G3 to play Riven.  Myst has had many many new versions of course.  

    Once I saw this article, I went to my GOG account and bought it.  It looks beautiful. Amazing detail.  The graphics are fluid on my 2020 iMac 10-core with the Radeon Pro 5700 XT graphics.  The only thing missing is the original QuickTime live video files of the Miller brothers.  They have been substituted for CGI animated replacements to go along with the new graphics.  Likely because the QuickTime videos were so small because the game originally played with a resolution smaller than 640x480.  But, besides that, it is the best looking version of the game.  Blows away RealMyst.

    The comment of refusing to buy the game because the person did not know it was on the Mac App Store is silly.  When you originally bought the game, you bought it from a retailer.  It does not matter where you buy it, and to be honest, both Steam and GOG are far better providers of Mac games than Apple's Mac App Store, and they don't have sandboxing restrictions.  

    The 7th Guest is available for Windows on GOG, and 11th Hour is available for Mac and Windows on GOG.  The 7th Guest, a crippled version without the Microscope puzzle used to be in the Mac App Store, but it is 32-bit and likely removed.